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Traducciones detalladas de bring together de inglés a alemán

bring together:

to bring together verbo (brings together, brought together, bringing together)

  1. to bring together (assemble; unite; join)
    konzentrieren; zusammenbringen; bei einander bringen
    • konzentrieren verbo (konzentriere, konzentrierst, konzentriert, konzentrierte, konzentriertet, konzentriert)
    • zusammenbringen verbo (bringe zusammen, bringst zusammen, bringt zusammen, barchte zusammen, brachtet zusammen, zusammengebracht)

Conjugaciones de bring together:

  1. bring together
  2. bring together
  3. brings together
  4. bring together
  5. bring together
  6. bring together
simple past
  1. brought together
  2. brought together
  3. brought together
  4. brought together
  5. brought together
  6. brought together
present perfect
  1. have brought together
  2. have brought together
  3. has brought together
  4. have brought together
  5. have brought together
  6. have brought together
past continuous
  1. was bringing together
  2. were bringing together
  3. was bringing together
  4. were bringing together
  5. were bringing together
  6. were bringing together
  1. shall bring together
  2. will bring together
  3. will bring together
  4. shall bring together
  5. will bring together
  6. will bring together
continuous present
  1. am bringing together
  2. are bringing together
  3. is bringing together
  4. are bringing together
  5. are bringing together
  6. are bringing together
  1. be brought together
  2. be brought together
  3. be brought together
  4. be brought together
  5. be brought together
  6. be brought together
  1. bring together!
  2. let's bring together!
  3. brought together
  4. bringing together
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for bring together:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
bei einander bringen assemble; bring together; join; unite
konzentrieren assemble; bring together; join; unite
zusammenbringen assemble; bring together; join; unite add; bind; combine; gather; get together; mix; put together
- bond; draw together; join

Sinónimos de "bring together":

Antónimos de "bring together":

  • disjoin

Definiciones relacionadas de "bring together":

  1. cause to become joined or linked1
  2. bring together in a common cause or emotion1

Wiktionary: bring together

bring together
Cross Translation:
bring together versammeln; sammeln; zusammenbringen bijeenbrengen — bij elkaar brengen

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