Traducciones detalladas de incision de inglés a alemán


incision [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the incision (indentation; slash; cut; gash)
    der Schnitt; der Einschnitt; die Schnitte; die Einkerbung; die Kerbe; die Scheibe; die Schneide; Schneiden
  2. the incision (cut; knife wound; wound)
    die Schnittwunde; der Schnitt; die Schneide; der Einschnitt
  3. the incision (notch; groove; cut; )
    die Kerbung; der Einschnitt; die Kerbe; die Einkerbung
  4. the incision (caesura)
    die Zäsur
  5. the incision (incised wound; cut)
    die Schnitte; Schnittchen; die Schnittwunde; Schnittwündchen

Translation Matrix for incision:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
Einkerbung cut; gash; groove; incision; indentation; nick; notch; score; slash cartel; carving; groove; nick; notch
Einschnitt cut; gash; groove; incision; indentation; knife wound; nick; notch; score; slash; wound cavity; cleft; cranny; crease; crevice; cut-away; division; divorce; firebreak; fissure; furrow; gap; gash; gully; hacked path; hole; interstice; opening; partition; pen line; rabbet; runway; saving; segregation; separation; shark; streak; stroke of the pen
Kerbe cut; gash; groove; incision; indentation; nick; notch; score; slash cavity; cleft; cranny; crevice; cut-away; fissure; gap; gash; groove; hole; interstice; nick; notch; opening; saving
Kerbung cut; gash; groove; incision; nick; notch; score; slash groove; nick; notch
Scheibe cut; gash; incision; indentation; slash piece; slice; window-glass
Schneide cut; gash; incision; indentation; knife wound; slash; wound blade; foil; sword
Schneiden cut; gash; incision; indentation; slash cutting; mowing
Schnitt cut; gash; incision; indentation; knife wound; slash; wound assembling; average; bowls; clothes pattern; coiffure; consequence; coupe; coupes; cut; cutting surface; effect; film editing; fit; hair style; haircut; hairdo; hairstyle; montage; mounting; paper pattern; piece of bread; piecie; profile; section; slash; slice of bread; slit; style
Schnittchen cut; incised wound; incision
Schnitte cut; gash; incised wound; incision; indentation; slash clothes patterns; cuts; gash; incisions; paper patterns; piece; slice; woodcuts
Schnittwunde cut; incised wound; incision; knife wound; wound
Schnittwündchen cut; incised wound; incision
Zäsur caesura; incision boiler-scale
- dent; prick; scratch; section; slit; surgical incision

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  1. the cutting of or into body tissues or organs (especially by a surgeon as part of an operation)1
  2. a depression scratched or carved into a surface1

Wiktionary: incision

  1. cut

Cross Translation:
incision Einschnitt incisionaction d’inciser ou résultat de cette action.

incision forma de incise:

to incise verbo (incises, incised, incising)

  1. to incise (groove; score)
    falzen; einschneiden; einkerben
    • falzen verbo (falze, falzt, falzte, falztet, gefalzt)
    • einschneiden verbo (schneide ein, schneidest ein, schnitt ein, schnittet ein, eingeschnitten)
    • einkerben verbo (kerbe ein, kerbst ein, kerbt ein, kerbte ein, kerbtet ein, eingekerbt)
  2. to incise (engrave; inscribe)
    gravieren; stechen
    • gravieren verbo (graviere, gravierst, graviert, gravierte, graviertet, graviert)
    • stechen verbo (steche, stichst, sticht, stach, stacht, gestochen)

Conjugaciones de incise:

  1. incise
  2. incise
  3. incises
  4. incise
  5. incise
  6. incise
simple past
  1. incised
  2. incised
  3. incised
  4. incised
  5. incised
  6. incised
present perfect
  1. have incised
  2. have incised
  3. has incised
  4. have incised
  5. have incised
  6. have incised
past continuous
  1. was incising
  2. were incising
  3. was incising
  4. were incising
  5. were incising
  6. were incising
  1. shall incise
  2. will incise
  3. will incise
  4. shall incise
  5. will incise
  6. will incise
continuous present
  1. am incising
  2. are incising
  3. is incising
  4. are incising
  5. are incising
  6. are incising
  1. be incised
  2. be incised
  3. be incised
  4. be incised
  5. be incised
  6. be incised
  1. incise!
  2. let's incise!
  3. incised
  4. incising
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for incise:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
einkerben groove; incise; score carve; cut; jag; nick; notch; score; slash
einschneiden groove; incise; score bore through; carve; cut; cut into pieces; cut up; jag; nick; notch; penetrate; persevere; persist; pierce; score; shred; slash; snip; style someone's hair
falzen groove; incise; score fold
gravieren engrave; incise; inscribe etch
stechen engrave; incise; inscribe be trump; be trump card; cut; etch; pierce; prick; ride a jump-off; sting

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Definiciones relacionadas de "incise":

  1. make an incision into by carving or cutting1