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be a nuisance:

to be a nuisance verbo (are a nuisance, being a nuisance)

  1. to be a nuisance (badger; pester)
  2. to be a nuisance (be a pain; muck about)

Conjugaciones de be a nuisance:

  1. am a nuisance
  2. are a nuisance
  3. are a nuisance
  4. are a nuisance
  5. are a nuisance
  6. are a nuisance
present perfect
  1. have been a nuisance
  2. have been a nuisance
  3. has been a nuisance
  4. have been a nuisance
  5. have been a nuisance
  6. have been a nuisance
past continuous
  1. was being a nuisance
  2. were being a nuisance
  3. was being a nuisance
  4. were being a nuisance
  5. were being a nuisance
  6. were being a nuisance
  1. shall be a nuisance
  2. will be a nuisance
  3. will be a nuisance
  4. shall be a nuisance
  5. will be a nuisance
  6. will be a nuisance
continuous present
  1. am being a nuisance
  2. are being a nuisance
  3. is being a nuisance
  4. are being a nuisance
  5. are being a nuisance
  6. are being a nuisance
  1. be a nuisance
  2. be a nuisance
  3. be a nuisance
  4. be a nuisance
  5. be a nuisance
  6. be a nuisance
  1. am a nuisance!
  2. let's be a nuisance!
  3. been a nuisance
  4. are a nuisance
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for be a nuisance:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
fastidiar tormenting
provocar alluring; causing; provoking; tormenting
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
armar follón be a nuisance; be a pain; muck about make fuss about
burlarse badger; be a nuisance; pester banter; cheat; commit foolery; do something silly; gull; jape; jeer; jest; jibe; joke; make a fool of; make fun of; play a joke; play a trick; poke fun at; ridicule; scoff at; sneer; sneer at; spoof; taunt; trick
dar el tostón be a nuisance; be a pain; muck about
dar la lata be a nuisance; be a pain; muck about carry on one's point; nag; push through; twaddle; whimper; whine
fastidiar badger; be a nuisance; pester anger; annoy; antagonise; antagonize; badger; bother; bully; cause irritation; chafe; complain; complaint; deplore; despise; disdain; disregard; fool; give offence; gripe; harass; harp; have something on one's mind; hoax; hold in contempt; hoodwink; irritate; irritating; look down upon; nag; pester; provoke; scorn; slight; swindle; tease; tedious; tiresome; treat with disregard; trick; trouble; vex; visit
molestar badger; be a nuisance; pester annoy; antagonise; antagonize; badger; bother; bully; disturb; harass; interrupt; molest; nag; pester; provoke; tease; trouble; visit
mortificar para que una persona se va badger; be a nuisance; pester
provocar badger; be a nuisance; pester activate; advise; antagonise; antagonize; arouse; awake; badger; bait; boost; bring about; bring on; bully; cause; clock off; create; elicit; encourage; engender; excite; give rise to; harass; instigate; motivate; nag; needle; pester; poke up; produce; prompt; provoke; push on; put someone on to something; stimulate; stir up; stoke up; suggest; support; tease; urge; whisper; whisper in someone's ear

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