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carrot [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the carrot
    la zanahoria

Translation Matrix for carrot:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
zanahoria carrot beet; beetroot
- Daucus carota sativa; cultivated carrot

Palabras relacionadas con "carrot":

  • carrots

Sinónimos de "carrot":

Definiciones relacionadas de "carrot":

  1. promise of reward as in1
    • carrot and stick1
    • used the carrot of subsidized housing for the workers to get their vote1
  2. orange root; important source of carotene1
  3. perennial plant widely cultivated as an annual in many varieties for its long conical orange edible roots; temperate and tropical regions1
  4. deep orange edible root of the cultivated carrot plant1

Wiktionary: carrot

  1. orange root vegetable

Cross Translation:
carrot zanahoria Karotteregional: die Möhre (Daucus carota ssp. sativus) allgemein
carrot zanahoria MöhreWurzelgemüse einiger Arten aus der Familie der Doldenblütler
carrot zanahoria carotte — Légume