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corporal adj.

  1. corporal (bodily)
  2. corporal (bodily; physical)

corporal [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the corporal
    el cabo
    • cabo [el ~] sustantivo

Translation Matrix for corporal:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
cabo corporal cable; cape; chain; far end; hawser; headland; main agent; principal agent; principal distributor; promontory; rope; senior police officer; terminus; tip; wire
físico physicist
AdjectiveTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- bodied; bodily; corporate; corporeal; embodied; incarnate; somatic
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
corporal bodily; corporal; physical
físico bodily; corporal; physical conditional; physical

Palabras relacionadas con "corporal":

  • corporals

Sinónimos de "corporal":

Definiciones relacionadas de "corporal":

  1. possessing or existing in bodily form1
    • what seemed corporal melted as breath into the wind1
  2. affecting or characteristic of the body as opposed to the mind or spirit1
    • a corporal defect1
  3. a noncommissioned officer in the Army or Air Force or Marines1

Wiktionary: corporal

  1. military rank
  2. ecclesiastical: cloth on which the elements of the eucharist are placed
  1. of the body

Cross Translation:
corporal corporal corporeel — lichamelijk
corporal corporal corporal — (religion) linge que le prêtre étendre au milieu de l’autel au commencement de la messe pour y poser le calice et l’hostie. Il sert également pour poser l’ostensoir, au moment de la bénédiction.

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