Traducciones detalladas de disturbing de inglés a español


Translation Matrix for disturbing:

AdjectiveTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- distressful; distressing; perturbing; troubling; worrisome; worrying
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
alarmante alarming; disquieting; disturbing; worrisome alarming; appalling; awful; awkward; blast; creepy; critical; crying shame; crying to heaven; damn it; darned; dash it; disgraceful; disgusting; dreadful; frightening; frightful; grisly; hard; horrible; horribly; imminent; impending; outrageous; painful; perilous; precarious; rank; review; scandalous; scary; shocking; spooky; terrible; terribly; terrifying; threatening; worrisome
aterrador alarming; disquieting; disturbing; fearfull; frightning; grizly; scary; worrisome appalling; awful; blast; creepy; damn it; darned; dash it; dreadful; eerie; frightening; frightful; hideous; horrible; horribly; horrific; lugubrious; monstrous; ominous; scary; sinister; terrible; terribly; terrifying
estremecedor alarming; disquieting; disturbing; worrisome abominable; appalling; barbaric; brutal; creepy; cruel; dreadful; eerie; frightful; gruesome; heinous; horrible; horribly; inhuman; inhumane; lugubrious; scary; sinister; terribly
inquietante alarming; disquieting; disturbing; worrisome awkward; critical; hard; painful; perilous; precarious; review; shady; worrisome
preocupante alarming; disquieting; disturbing awkward; critical; hard; painful; perilous; precarious; review; worrisome

Palabras relacionadas con "disturbing":

Sinónimos de "disturbing":

Definiciones relacionadas de "disturbing":

  1. causing distress or worry or anxiety1
    • distressing (or disturbing) news1
    • a disturbing amount of crime1

Wiktionary: disturbing

  1. causing distress or worry

disturbing forma de disturb:

to disturb verbo (disturbs, disturbed, disturbing)

  1. to disturb (enrage; incense; anger; upset)
  2. to disturb (interrupt; bother; annoy)
    – destroy the peace or tranquility of 1

Conjugaciones de disturb:

  1. disturb
  2. disturb
  3. disturbs
  4. disturb
  5. disturb
  6. disturb
simple past
  1. disturbed
  2. disturbed
  3. disturbed
  4. disturbed
  5. disturbed
  6. disturbed
present perfect
  1. have disturbed
  2. have disturbed
  3. has disturbed
  4. have disturbed
  5. have disturbed
  6. have disturbed
past continuous
  1. was disturbing
  2. were disturbing
  3. was disturbing
  4. were disturbing
  5. were disturbing
  6. were disturbing
  1. shall disturb
  2. will disturb
  3. will disturb
  4. shall disturb
  5. will disturb
  6. will disturb
continuous present
  1. am disturbing
  2. are disturbing
  3. is disturbing
  4. are disturbing
  5. are disturbing
  6. are disturbing
  1. be disturbed
  2. be disturbed
  3. be disturbed
  4. be disturbed
  5. be disturbed
  6. be disturbed
  1. disturb!
  2. let's disturb!
  3. disturbed
  4. disturbing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for disturb:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
alterar anger; disturb; enrage; incense; upset alter; change; create; disorder; disorganise; disorganize; glance; interchange; invent; just touch; make; mix up; modify; reform; reshape; rewrite; stir; switch; tag; tangle; tap; tick; touch; touch upon; transform; vary
encolerizar anger; disturb; enrage; incense; upset
interferir anger; disturb; enrage; incense; upset
interrumpir anger; disturb; enrage; incense; upset adjourn; break down; break in; butt in; finish off; glance; hamper; hinder; impede; intercede; interrupt; just touch; kill; murder; obstruct; sever; stir; stonewall; tag; tap; tick; touch; touch upon
molestar annoy; bother; disturb; interrupt antagonise; antagonize; badger; be a nuisance; bother; bully; harass; molest; nag; pester; provoke; tease; trouble; visit
turbar anger; disturb; enrage; incense; upset cut peat
- agitate; commove; raise up; shake up; stir up; touch; trouble; upset; vex
Not SpecifiedTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
alterar tamper

Palabras relacionadas con "disturb":

Sinónimos de "disturb":

Definiciones relacionadas de "disturb":

  1. damage as if by shaking or jarring1
    • Don't disturb the patient's wounds by moving him too rapidly!1
  2. destroy the peace or tranquility of1
  3. tamper with1
  4. change the arrangement or position of1
  5. move deeply1

Wiktionary: disturb

  1. confuse or irritate

Cross Translation:
disturb asustar; preocupar; inquietar verontrusten — ongerust maken, zorgen baren
disturb interferir storen — het functioneren nadelig beïnvloeden
disturb molestar; perturbar stören — jemanden bei etwas belästigen, von etwas ablenken, einen Vorgang hemmen, ein Vorhaben hemmen, ärgerlicherweise aufhalten
disturb molestar; estorbar; dificultar; perturbar déranger — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
disturb molestar; estorbar; dificultar; perturbar gêner — Causer de la gêne
disturb perturbar perturbertroubler, changer les habitudes, la condition physique ou psychique d'un individu.
disturb preocupar; perturbar préoccuperoccuper fortement l’esprit, l’absorber tout entier.
disturb agitar; perturbar troublerrendre trouble.