Traducciones detalladas de dive in de inglés a español

dive in:

to dive in verbo (dives in, dived in, diving in)

  1. to dive in (serve oneself; seize; take; fall to)
  2. to dive in (plunge)

Conjugaciones de dive in:

  1. dive in
  2. dive in
  3. dives in
  4. dive in
  5. dive in
  6. dive in
simple past
  1. dived in
  2. dived in
  3. dived in
  4. dived in
  5. dived in
  6. dived in
present perfect
  1. have dived in
  2. have dived in
  3. has dived in
  4. have dived in
  5. have dived in
  6. have dived in
past continuous
  1. was diving in
  2. were diving in
  3. was diving in
  4. were diving in
  5. were diving in
  6. were diving in
  1. shall dive in
  2. will dive in
  3. will dive in
  4. shall dive in
  5. will dive in
  6. will dive in
continuous present
  1. am diving in
  2. are diving in
  3. is diving in
  4. are diving in
  5. are diving in
  6. are diving in
  1. be dived in
  2. be dived in
  3. be dived in
  4. be dived in
  5. be dived in
  6. be dived in
  1. dive in!
  2. let's dive in!
  3. dived in
  4. diving in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for dive in:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
bajar en picado dive in; plunge bring down; crouch; huddle up; hunch up; put to the sword; shoot down; take down
bucear dive in; plunge crouch; dive; dive into the water; huddle up; hunch up
saltar dive in; plunge attract attention; be conspicuous; burst open; clang; clink; come loose; cut; hop up; jangle; jingle; jump; jump over; jump up; jut out; leap; leap out; leap up; make a little jump; prance; protrude; rattling; show off; snap; spring open; stand out; stick out
servirse dive in; fall to; seize; serve oneself; take
servirse a sí mismo dive in; fall to; seize; serve oneself; take
sumergirse dive in; plunge crouch; dive; dive into the water; drop; fall; huddle up; hunch up; sink; tumble
tirarse de cabeza dive in; plunge crouch; dive; duck; huddle up; hunch up; plunge
zambullirse dive in; plunge dive; dive into the water

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