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entrance [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the entrance (access; entry; admission; admittance)
    la entrada; el acceso
  2. the entrance (entry; arrival; incoming; entering)
    la entrada; la llegada
  3. the entrance
    la entrada; la entrada de un barco


  1. entrance

Translation Matrix for entrance:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
acceso access; admission; admittance; entrance; entry access; access route; admission; admittance; drive; entranceway; foyer; hall; lobby; staircase; stairs; stairway; steps; vestibule
entrada access; admission; admittance; arrival; entering; entrance; entry; incoming access; access route; admission; admittance; arrival; bust; coming; deposit; door; doorway; down payment; drive; entranceway; entry; foyer; front door; hall; headword; invasion; lemma; lobby; police raid; printing of a story; raid; registration; reservation; street door; theatre-ticket; vestibule
entrada de un barco entrance
llegada arrival; entering; entrance; entry; incoming advent; arrival; arriving; coming; coming over; entry; finish; finishing line; finishing point
- entering; entranceway; entree; entry; entryway; incoming; ingress
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
encantar allure; bewitch; cast a spell on; charm; delight; enchant; fascinate; put a spell on; ravish; seduce; tempt
- spellbind
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
encantar entrance
- admission; approach; entrance gate; sea approach

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  1. the act of entering1
    • she made a grand entrance1
  2. something that provides access (to get in or get out)1
    • they waited at the entrance to the garden1
  3. a movement into or inward1
  4. put into a trance1

Wiktionary: entrance

  1. The place of entering, as a gate or doorway
  2. The action of entering, or going in

Cross Translation:
entrance entrada ingang — een opening waar iets doorheen kan
entrance entrada EingangÖffnung zum Betreten eines begrenzten Bereiches, z. B. eines Gebäudes
entrance entrada Einstieg — die Stelle, an der man einsteigt
entrance entrada de la casa; entrada Hauseingang — Eingang eines Hauses
entrance encuentro; relación; acuerdo; entrada; acceso; aceptación; admisión abord — (vieilli) action d’arriver au bord, de toucher le rivage.
entrance entrada; acceso; acometida; agresión; ataque accès — Action, endroit, ou facilité plus ou moins grande d’accéder dans un lieu, physique ou virtuel.
entrance entrada entréeendroit par où l’on entrer dans un lieu.

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