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Traducciones detalladas de girdle de inglés a español


girdle [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the girdle (thong)
    el cinturón; el cinto
  2. the girdle (thong)
    el cuerito
  3. the girdle (waistband; belt)
    la banda; la cintura; el cinto; el cinturón; la correa; el cinturones; la cinta de pantalón

Translation Matrix for girdle:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
banda belt; girdle; waistband band; belt; caboodle; chaos; clan; clique; common herd; coupling-strap; crowd; debris; drove; drum band; face pack; flock; flounce; frill; gang; group; hair ribbon; hash; headband; herd; horde; mask; match pair; mayhem; mess; mob; muddle; multitude; noise level; orchestra; party; piping; ribbon; sash; set; sound intensity; sound level; sound volume; team; volume; waistband
cinta de pantalón belt; girdle; waistband belt; coupling-strap; waistband
cinto belt; girdle; thong; waistband belt; bridle; coupling-strap; leading strings; waistband
cintura belt; girdle; waistband belt; coupling-strap; hip; middle; strap; waist; waist-line; waistband
cinturones belt; girdle; waistband
cinturón belt; girdle; thong; waistband belt; belt-railway; bridle; hip belt; hip carrying belt; lap belt; leading strings; ring rail; sash; tire; tyre; waistband
correa belt; girdle; waistband belt; chord; coupling-strap; strap; string; tag; waistband
cuerito girdle; thong
- cincture; corset; sash; stays; waistband; waistcloth
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- deaden; gird

Palabras relacionadas con "girdle":

  • girdles

Sinónimos de "girdle":

Definiciones relacionadas de "girdle":

  1. a woman's close-fitting foundation garment1
  2. a band of material around the waist that strengthens a skirt or trousers1
  3. an encircling or ringlike structure1
  4. put a girdle on or around1
  5. cut a girdle around so as to kill by interrupting the circulation of water and nutrients1
    • girdle the plant1

Wiktionary: girdle

Cross Translation:
girdle cinturón ceinture — Ruban dont on se ceint le milieu du corps