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modifying [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the modifying (amending; changing; altering)
    el cambio; la transformación; la enmienda; la modificación; la adaptación

Translation Matrix for modifying:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
adaptación altering; amending; changing; modifying adjustment; edition; operating; revision; rewrite
cambio altering; amending; changing; modifying about-turn; alteration; altering; amendment; barter; bartering; bending; bill of exchange; change; change of; change of form; changing; compound course; conversion; conversion rate; crisis; currency; declension; emergency situation; evolution; exchange; exchange rate; haggling; inversion; modification; mutation; rate; rate of exchange; reformation; remodelling; reversal; rotation; shady dealings; state of emergency; swap; swerve; switch; switch-over; swop; trade-in; trans-shipment; transfer; transformation; transition; transposition; turn; turning-point; u turn; value; wheeling and dealing
enmienda altering; amending; changing; modifying alteration; amendment; change; changing; commutation; modification
modificación altering; amending; changing; modifying adjustment; alteration; amendment; change; changing; evolution; modification; mutation
transformación altering; amending; changing; modifying alteration; altering; bending; change; change of form; changing; conversion; evolution; metamorphosis; mutation; rebuilding; reformation; remodelling; transformation; transposition

Palabras relacionadas con "modifying":

modifying forma de modify:

to modify verbo (modifies, modified, modifying)

  1. to modify (change; reshape; alter; reform; rewrite)
  2. to modify (update; touch up; improve)
  3. to modify (alter; change)
  4. to modify (nuance; differentiate)

Conjugaciones de modify:

  1. modify
  2. modify
  3. modifies
  4. modify
  5. modify
  6. modify
simple past
  1. modified
  2. modified
  3. modified
  4. modified
  5. modified
  6. modified
present perfect
  1. have modified
  2. have modified
  3. has modified
  4. have modified
  5. have modified
  6. have modified
past continuous
  1. was modifying
  2. were modifying
  3. was modifying
  4. were modifying
  5. were modifying
  6. were modifying
  1. shall modify
  2. will modify
  3. will modify
  4. shall modify
  5. will modify
  6. will modify
continuous present
  1. am modifying
  2. are modifying
  3. is modifying
  4. are modifying
  5. are modifying
  6. are modifying
  1. be modified
  2. be modified
  3. be modified
  4. be modified
  5. be modified
  6. be modified
  1. modify!
  2. let's modify!
  3. modified
  4. modifying
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for modify:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
actualizar improve; modify; touch up; update change; do over again; exchange; interchange; redevelop; refresh; renew; renovate; restore; resume; retouch; swap; touch up; trade; update
alterar alter; change; modify; reform; reshape; rewrite alter; anger; change; create; disorder; disorganise; disorganize; disturb; enrage; glance; incense; interchange; invent; just touch; make; mix up; stir; switch; tag; tangle; tap; tick; touch; touch upon; transform; upset; vary
cambiar alter; change; modify; reform; reshape; rewrite Swap; alter; barter; change; change for; change over; convert; create; exchange; fluctuate; interchange; invent; make; reappoint; redevelop; renew; renovate; replace; restore; resume; reverse; shift; shunt; stop over; substitute; swap; swing around; swing round; switch; swop; trade; trade in; transform; transpose; turn; twist; vary
convertir alter; change; modify; reform; reshape; rewrite alter; cast; change; convert; create; interchange; invent; make; reduce; reverse; shift; simplify; swing around; switch; trace back; transform; transpose; turn; twist; vary
enmendar alter; change; modify; reform; reshape; rewrite
matizar differentiate; modify; nuance differentiate; discern; discriminate; distinguish; nuance
modificar alter; change; modify; reform; reshape; rewrite alter; change; create; do over again; edit; fix; interchange; invent; make; mend; rebuild; reconstruct; refresh; renew; repair; restore; switch; transform; vary
reformar alter; change; modify; reform; reshape; rewrite alter; amend; change; create; do over again; exchange; interchange; invent; make; put new life into; rebuild; reconstruct; redevelop; reform; refresh; remodel; renew; renovate; reorganise; reorganize; reshape; restore; resume; review; revise; revitalise; revitalize; swap; switch; trade; transform; vary
- alter; change; qualify
Not SpecifiedTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
alterar tamper

Palabras relacionadas con "modify":

Sinónimos de "modify":

Definiciones relacionadas de "modify":

  1. make less severe or harsh or extreme1
    • please modify this letter to make it more polite1
    • he modified his views on same-gender marriage1
  2. add a modifier to a constituent1
  3. cause to change; make different; cause a transformation1

Wiktionary: modify

  1. to make partial changes to

Cross Translation:
modify cambiar; modificar wijzigen — zodanig aan iets werken dat het anders wordt
modify modificar modifierchanger une chose dans quelqu’une de ses parties.