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mortification [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the mortification
    la mortificación
  2. the mortification
    la vergüenza; la humillación; la mortificación

Translation Matrix for mortification:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
humillación mortification abasement; debasement; degradation; humiliation; lowering; reduction
mortificación mortification
vergüenza mortification abasement; debasement; degradation; demotion; disgrace; disrating; humiliation; ignominy; infamy; lowering; reduction; scandal; sense of shame; shame
- chagrin; gangrene; humiliation; necrosis; sphacelus

Palabras relacionadas con "mortification":

  • mortify

Sinónimos de "mortification":

Definiciones relacionadas de "mortification":

  1. (Christianity) the act of mortifying the lusts of the flesh by self-denial and privation (especially by bodily pain or discomfort inflicted on yourself)1
  2. an instance in which you are caused to lose your prestige or self-respect1
  3. strong feelings of embarrassment1
  4. the localized death of living cells (as from infection or the interruption of blood supply)1


Translation Matrix for mortify:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- abase; chagrin; crucify; gangrene; humble; humiliate; necrose; sphacelate; subdue

Palabras relacionadas con "mortify":

Sinónimos de "mortify":

Definiciones relacionadas de "mortify":

  1. undergo necrosis1
  2. cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of1
  3. hold within limits and control1
    • mortify the flesh1
  4. practice self-denial of one's body and appetites1

Wiktionary: mortify

Cross Translation:
mortify bajar; inclinar abaisser — Mettre en position plus basse, faire descendre, diminuer la hauteur.