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playtime [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the playtime
  2. the playtime (break; interval)
    la relajación; el descanso; el intermedio; el entretenimiento; el reposo; el recreo; la pausa; el esparcimiento; la distracción; la interrupción; la distensión
  3. the playtime (play-hour)
    el recreo; la hora de recreo

Translation Matrix for playtime:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
descanso break; interval; playtime break; delay; haven; intermission; interval; pause; postponement; recess; refuge; reprive; respite; rest-break; suspension; working break
distensión break; interval; playtime allaying; appeasement; appeasing; calming; calming down; dislocation; pacifying; quieting; relaxation; relief; soothing; sprain; steadying
distracción break; interval; playtime absent-mindedness; absentmindedness; amusement; amusing; being absent-minded; carelessness; distractedness; distraction; diversion; diversionary tactic; entertaining; entertainment; forgetfulness; inattention; lack of thought; neglect; negligence; nonchalance; red herring; relaxation; thoughtlessness; woolgathering
duración del partido playtime
entretenimiento break; interval; playtime aid; amusement; amusing; assistance; conversation; dialogue; diversion; electric discharge; entertaining; entertainment; help; hobby; interview; pastime; pet subject; support; talk
esparcimiento break; interval; playtime amusement; diversion; electric discharge; entertainment
hora de recreo play-hour; playtime playing time of a cd
intermedio break; interval; playtime break; gap; interim; interlude; intermission; interval; pause; rest-break; working break
interrupción break; interval; playtime IRQ; break; chicanery; disruption; fuss; gap; hassle; interference; intermission; interrupt; interrupt request; interruption; interval; intervention; intrusion; meddling; rest-break; severance; trouble making; working break
pausa break; interval; playtime break; empty hour; intermission; interval; pause; recess; rest-break; working break
recreo break; interval; play-hour; playtime break; intermission; interval; lunch break; lunch hour; lunch time; playing time of a cd; recreation; rest-break; working break
relajación break; interval; playtime laxity; looseness; relaxation
reposo break; interval; playtime break; congestion; electric discharge; hold-up; intermission; interval; jam; pause; stagnation; stoppage
- playday
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
intermedio intermediary

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  1. time for play or diversion1