Traducciones detalladas de reappoint de inglés a español


to reappoint verbo (reappoints, reappointed, reappointing)

  1. to reappoint (substitute; replace; interchange; swap)
  2. to reappoint (reassign; re-elect)

Conjugaciones de reappoint:

  1. reappoint
  2. reappoint
  3. reappoints
  4. reappoint
  5. reappoint
  6. reappoint
simple past
  1. reappointed
  2. reappointed
  3. reappointed
  4. reappointed
  5. reappointed
  6. reappointed
present perfect
  1. have reappointed
  2. have reappointed
  3. has reappointed
  4. have reappointed
  5. have reappointed
  6. have reappointed
past continuous
  1. was reappointing
  2. were reappointing
  3. was reappointing
  4. were reappointing
  5. were reappointing
  6. were reappointing
  1. shall reappoint
  2. will reappoint
  3. will reappoint
  4. shall reappoint
  5. will reappoint
  6. will reappoint
continuous present
  1. am reappointing
  2. are reappointing
  3. is reappointing
  4. are reappointing
  5. are reappointing
  6. are reappointing
  1. be reappointed
  2. be reappointed
  3. be reappointed
  4. be reappointed
  5. be reappointed
  6. be reappointed
  1. reappoint!
  2. let's reappoint!
  3. reappointed
  4. reappointing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for reappoint:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
cambiar interchange; reappoint; replace; substitute; swap Swap; alter; barter; change; change for; change over; convert; create; exchange; fluctuate; interchange; invent; make; modify; redevelop; reform; renew; renovate; reshape; restore; resume; reverse; rewrite; shift; shunt; stop over; swap; swing around; swing round; switch; swop; trade; trade in; transform; transpose; turn; twist; vary
cambiar por interchange; reappoint; replace; substitute; swap alter; change; convert; create; interchange; invent; make; reverse; switch; transform; transpose; vary
designar de nuevo re-elect; reappoint; reassign
nombrar de nuevo re-elect; reappoint; reassign
reelegir re-elect; reappoint; reassign
reemplazar interchange; reappoint; replace; substitute; swap become aware of; behold; enlarge; expand; extend; increase; increase in number; notice; override; perceive; replace; see; see in
renovar interchange; reappoint; replace; substitute; swap better; change; correct; do over again; exchange; fix up; get better; improve; interchange; make better; put new life into; rebuild; reconstruct; redevelop; refresh; renew; renovate; restore; resume; revitalise; revitalize; swap; trade
reponer interchange; reappoint; replace; substitute; swap put back; replace
sustituir interchange; reappoint; replace; substitute; swap replace

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