Traducciones detalladas de ripen de inglés a español


to ripen verbo (ripens, ripened, ripening)

  1. to ripen (mature; age)

Conjugaciones de ripen:

  1. ripen
  2. ripen
  3. ripens
  4. ripen
  5. ripen
  6. ripen
simple past
  1. ripened
  2. ripened
  3. ripened
  4. ripened
  5. ripened
  6. ripened
present perfect
  1. have ripened
  2. have ripened
  3. has ripened
  4. have ripened
  5. have ripened
  6. have ripened
past continuous
  1. was ripening
  2. were ripening
  3. was ripening
  4. were ripening
  5. were ripening
  6. were ripening
  1. shall ripen
  2. will ripen
  3. will ripen
  4. shall ripen
  5. will ripen
  6. will ripen
continuous present
  1. am ripening
  2. are ripening
  3. is ripening
  4. are ripening
  5. are ripening
  6. are ripening
  1. be ripened
  2. be ripened
  3. be ripened
  4. be ripened
  5. be ripened
  6. be ripened
  1. ripen!
  2. let's ripen!
  3. ripened
  4. ripening
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for ripen:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
madurar age; mature; ripen develop; grow; increase
sazonar age; mature; ripen add spice to; season; spice
- mature

Palabras relacionadas con "ripen":

Sinónimos de "ripen":

Definiciones relacionadas de "ripen":

  1. grow ripe1
    • The plums ripen in July1
  2. cause to ripen or develop fully1
    • The sun ripens the fruit1

Wiktionary: ripen

  1. to grow ripe

Cross Translation:
ripen madurar murir — Arriver à maturation
ripen madurar mûrir — Arriver à maturation


rip [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the rip (tear; split; rent)
    el descosido

to rip verbo (rips, ripped, ripping)

  1. to rip (tear; rend)
  2. to rip

Conjugaciones de rip:

  1. rip
  2. rip
  3. rips
  4. rip
  5. rip
  6. rip
simple past
  1. ripped
  2. ripped
  3. ripped
  4. ripped
  5. ripped
  6. ripped
present perfect
  1. have ripped
  2. have ripped
  3. has ripped
  4. have ripped
  5. have ripped
  6. have ripped
past continuous
  1. was ripping
  2. were ripping
  3. was ripping
  4. were ripping
  5. were ripping
  6. were ripping
  1. shall rip
  2. will rip
  3. will rip
  4. shall rip
  5. will rip
  6. will rip
continuous present
  1. am ripping
  2. are ripping
  3. is ripping
  4. are ripping
  5. are ripping
  6. are ripping
  1. be ripped
  2. be ripped
  3. be ripped
  4. be ripped
  5. be ripped
  6. be ripped
  1. rip!
  2. let's rip!
  3. ripped
  4. ripping
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for rip:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
arrancar break off; cranking up; interrupting; severing; tearing loose; tearing off; wresting from
descosido rent; rip; split; tear
dividir split; splits
romper breaking; demolition; destruction; rending; snapping; tearing; wrecking
- blood; countercurrent; crosscurrent; profligate; rake; rakehell; rent; riptide; roue; snag; split; tear; tide rip
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
arrancar rip be in need; be in want; begin; boot; break up; bring down; cadge; commence; dig up; drive; elbow out; extort; get open; get undone; go short; herald; lift; mooch; obtain by begging; open; pinch and scrape; prompt; pull off; pull out; push aside; push away; put to the sword; ring in; rip off; set in motion; set up; shake off; snatch; snatch away; start; start to; start up; strike up; take down; take of the body; take off; take on; tear loose; tear off; tear out; turn out; undertake; undo; unpick; untie; urge; wrest from
desgarrar rip draw apart; pull off; rip off; rip open; tear; tear apart; tear off; tear open; tear out
despedazar rend; rip; tear cut up; cut up in pieces; divide; draw apart; fritter away; separate; split; tear apart; tear to pieces; tear up
dividir rend; rip; tear cleave; crack; cut up; differentiate; distribute; divide; divorce; hand out; part; ration; separate; sever; split; tear off
hacer pedazos rend; rip; tear attack; boast; brag; break; break into pieces; break to pieces; chop; chop into pieces; chop into small pieces; chop up; cleave; crack; crush; cut up; cut up in pieces; damage; dash; divide; erode; exagerate; fracture; fritter away; knock to pieces; pulverise; pulverize; refract; rub fine; separate; shatter; smash; smash into pieces; smash to pieces; smash up; snap; split; split open; spoil; talk big; tear to pieces; tear up; throw in
romper rend; rip; tear adjourn; become defective; break; break down; break in; break into pieces; break to pieces; break up; burst open; carve; come loose; crack; crackle; crush; cut in; dash; destroy; destruct; devastate; die; eliminate; exhaust; fall to pieces; fracture; hew in; intentionally destroy; knock to pieces; lay waste; liquidate; perish; pulverise; pulverize; refract; rub fine; ruin; sever; shatter; smash; smash into pieces; smash to pieces; smash up; snap; spring open; tear loose; throw in; wear out; work to death; wreck
- pull; rend; rive
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
descosido unpicked

Palabras relacionadas con "rip":

  • rips, riper, ripest, ripen

Sinónimos de "rip":

Definiciones relacionadas de "rip":

  1. the act of rending or ripping or splitting something1
    • he gave the envelope a vigorous rip1
  2. a stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current1
  3. an opening made forcibly as by pulling apart1
    • there was a rip in his pants1
  4. a dissolute man in fashionable society1
  5. criticize or abuse strongly and violently1
    • The candidate ripped into his opponent mercilessly1
  6. tear or be torn violently1
    • The curtain ripped from top to bottom1
    • pull the cooked chicken into strips1
  7. cut (wood) along the grain1
  8. move precipitously or violently1
    • The tornado ripped along the coast1
  9. To copy digital media content from an audio CD. Content may be converted to a different format during the ripping process.2

Wiktionary: rip

Cross Translation:
rip rasgar; desgarrar rijten — met een scheurende beweging uit elkaar trekken
rip afanar; choricear; birlar; robar klauen — (transitiv) umgangssprachlich: etwas entwenden, stehlen
rip romper reißentransitiv: etwas gewaltsam in mehrere Teile trennen
rip fisurarse reißenintransitiv: etwas trennt sich gewaltsam in mehrere Teile
rip acometer; asaltar; saltear assaillir — propre|fr (figuré) attaquer vivement par surprise.
rip atacar; saltear; agredir; acometer; atracar attaquerassaillir par agression.
rip rasgar; desgarrar déchirer — Traductions à trier suivant le sens