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Traducciones detalladas de stand for de inglés a español

stand for:

to stand for verbo (stands for, stood for, standing for)

  1. to stand for (point to; indicate; imply; signify; suggest)

Conjugaciones de stand for:

  1. stand for
  2. stand for
  3. stands for
  4. stand for
  5. stand for
  6. stand for
simple past
  1. stood for
  2. stood for
  3. stood for
  4. stood for
  5. stood for
  6. stood for
present perfect
  1. have stood for
  2. have stood for
  3. has stood for
  4. have stood for
  5. have stood for
  6. have stood for
past continuous
  1. was standing for
  2. were standing for
  3. was standing for
  4. were standing for
  5. were standing for
  6. were standing for
  1. shall stand for
  2. will stand for
  3. will stand for
  4. shall stand for
  5. will stand for
  6. will stand for
continuous present
  1. am standing for
  2. are standing for
  3. is standing for
  4. are standing for
  5. are standing for
  6. are standing for
  1. be stood for
  2. be stood for
  3. be stood for
  4. be stood for
  5. be stood for
  6. be stood for
  1. stand for!
  2. let's stand for!
  3. stood for
  4. standing for
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for stand for:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
indicar imply; indicate; point to; signify; stand for; suggest enlist; enrol; enroll; explain; indicate; point; prompt; register; show; subscribe; tell; whisper
significar imply; indicate; point to; signify; stand for; suggest coming down; mean; signify
- correspond; hold still for; intend; mean; represent; signify; symbolise; symbolize; typify

Sinónimos de "stand for":

Definiciones relacionadas de "stand for":

  1. tolerate or bear1
    • I won't stand for this kind of behavior!1
  2. express indirectly by an image, form, or model; be a symbol1
  3. denote or connote1
  4. take the place of or be parallel or equivalent to1

Wiktionary: stand for

Cross Translation:
stand for representar; describir; jugar; tocar; expresar; enunciar représenterprésenter de nouveau.
stand for significar; denotar signifier — Indiquer, avoir comme sens, quelque chose

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