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  1. straighten out:
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Traducciones detalladas de straighten out de inglés a español

straighten out:

to straighten out verbo (straightens out, straightened out, straightening out)

  1. to straighten out

Conjugaciones de straighten out:

  1. straighten out
  2. straighten out
  3. straightens out
  4. straighten out
  5. straighten out
  6. straighten out
simple past
  1. straightened out
  2. straightened out
  3. straightened out
  4. straightened out
  5. straightened out
  6. straightened out
present perfect
  1. have straightened out
  2. have straightened out
  3. has straightened out
  4. have straightened out
  5. have straightened out
  6. have straightened out
past continuous
  1. was straightening out
  2. were straightening out
  3. was straightening out
  4. were straightening out
  5. were straightening out
  6. were straightening out
  1. shall straighten out
  2. will straighten out
  3. will straighten out
  4. shall straighten out
  5. will straighten out
  6. will straighten out
continuous present
  1. am straightening out
  2. are straightening out
  3. is straightening out
  4. are straightening out
  5. are straightening out
  6. are straightening out
  1. be straightened out
  2. be straightened out
  3. be straightened out
  4. be straightened out
  5. be straightened out
  6. be straightened out
  1. straighten out!
  2. let's straighten out!
  3. straightened out
  4. straightening out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for straighten out:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
hacer recto straighten out straighten
- clean up; disentangle; iron out; neaten; put right; reform; see the light; square away; straighten; tidy; tidy up; unsnarl

Sinónimos de "straighten out":

Antónimos de "straighten out":

Definiciones relacionadas de "straighten out":

  1. change for the better1
  2. settle or put right1
  3. put (things or places) in order1
  4. make straight1
  5. extricate from entanglement1

Wiktionary: straighten out

Cross Translation:
straighten out rectificar rectifier — Corriger (1)

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