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Traducciones detalladas de take back de inglés a español

take back:

to take back verbo (takes back, took back, taking back)

  1. to take back (keep in control; suppress; revoke; )

Conjugaciones de take back:

  1. take back
  2. take back
  3. takes back
  4. take back
  5. take back
  6. take back
simple past
  1. took back
  2. took back
  3. took back
  4. took back
  5. took back
  6. took back
present perfect
  1. have taken back
  2. have taken back
  3. has taken back
  4. have taken back
  5. have taken back
  6. have taken back
past continuous
  1. was taking back
  2. were taking back
  3. was taking back
  4. were taking back
  5. were taking back
  6. were taking back
  1. shall take back
  2. will take back
  3. will take back
  4. shall take back
  5. will take back
  6. will take back
continuous present
  1. am taking back
  2. are taking back
  3. is taking back
  4. are taking back
  5. are taking back
  6. are taking back
  1. be taken back
  2. be taken back
  3. be taken back
  4. be taken back
  5. be taken back
  6. be taken back
  1. take back!
  2. let's take back!
  3. taken back
  4. taking back
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for take back:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
tener bajo control crush; keep back; keep in control; pulverise; pulverize; recant; retract; revoke; rub fine; subdue; suppress; take back; withhold have under control
- bring back; repossess; return; swallow; unsay; withdraw

Sinónimos de "take back":

Definiciones relacionadas de "take back":

  1. cause someone to remember the past1
  2. take back what one has said1
  3. move text to the previous line; in printing1
  4. bring back to the point of departure1
  5. regain possession of something1
  6. resume a relationship with someone after an interruption, as in a wife taking back her husband1

Wiktionary: take back

take back
  1. retract an earlier statement

Cross Translation:
take back devolver terugbrengen — naar de eigenaar brengen
take back devolver terugbrengen — naar het punt van vertrek brengen
take back acompañar raccompagnerreconduire une personne qui s’en va.
take back retirar; recuperar; arrancar retirertirer à nouveau.

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