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Traducciones detalladas de keep up with de inglés a francés

keep up with:

to keep up with verbo (keeps up with, kept up with, keeping up with)

  1. to keep up with (keep pace with)
    suivre; ne pas être en arrière; marcher du même pas
    • suivre verbo (suis, suit, suivons, suivez, )

Conjugaciones de keep up with:

  1. keep up with
  2. keep up with
  3. keeps up with
  4. keep up with
  5. keep up with
  6. keep up with
simple past
  1. kept up with
  2. kept up with
  3. kept up with
  4. kept up with
  5. kept up with
  6. kept up with
present perfect
  1. have kept up with
  2. have kept up with
  3. has kept up with
  4. have kept up with
  5. have kept up with
  6. have kept up with
past continuous
  1. was keeping up with
  2. were keeping up with
  3. was keeping up with
  4. were keeping up with
  5. were keeping up with
  6. were keeping up with
  1. shall keep up with
  2. will keep up with
  3. will keep up with
  4. shall keep up with
  5. will keep up with
  6. will keep up with
continuous present
  1. am keeping up with
  2. are keeping up with
  3. is keeping up with
  4. are keeping up with
  5. are keeping up with
  6. are keeping up with
  1. be kept up with
  2. be kept up with
  3. be kept up with
  4. be kept up with
  5. be kept up with
  6. be kept up with
  1. keep up with!
  2. let's keep up with!
  3. kept up with
  4. keeping up with
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for keep up with:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
marcher du même pas keep pace with; keep up with
ne pas être en arrière keep pace with; keep up with
suivre keep pace with; keep up with chase; come after; comply; comply with; ensue; follow; go after; heed; imitate; listen; live up to; obey; pursue; run after; trace; track; tread on; tread upon; walk over; walk upon

Wiktionary: keep up with

keep up with
  1. manage to remain beside or just behind

Cross Translation:
keep up with suivre bijbeneninlopen

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