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Traducciones detalladas de tend to de inglés a francés

tend to:

to tend to verbo (tends to, tended to, tending to)

  1. to tend to (incline)
    tendre à; pencher; avoir tendance à; recourber; plier; fléchir; courber; s'incliner
    • tendre à verbo
    • pencher verbo (penche, penches, penchons, penchez, )
    • recourber verbo (recourbe, recourbes, recourbons, recourbez, )
    • plier verbo (plie, plies, plions, pliez, )
    • fléchir verbo (fléchis, fléchit, fléchissons, fléchissez, )
    • courber verbo (courbe, courbes, courbons, courbez, )
    • s'incliner verbo
  2. to tend to (be inclined to)

Conjugaciones de tend to:

  1. tend to
  2. tend to
  3. tends to
  4. tend to
  5. tend to
  6. tend to
simple past
  1. tended to
  2. tended to
  3. tended to
  4. tended to
  5. tended to
  6. tended to
present perfect
  1. have tended to
  2. have tended to
  3. has tended to
  4. have tended to
  5. have tended to
  6. have tended to
past continuous
  1. was tending to
  2. were tending to
  3. was tending to
  4. were tending to
  5. were tending to
  6. were tending to
  1. shall tend to
  2. will tend to
  3. will tend to
  4. shall tend to
  5. will tend to
  6. will tend to
continuous present
  1. am tending to
  2. are tending to
  3. is tending to
  4. are tending to
  5. are tending to
  6. are tending to
  1. be tended to
  2. be tended to
  3. be tended to
  4. be tended to
  5. be tended to
  6. be tended to
  1. tend to!
  2. let's tend to!
  3. tended to
  4. tending to
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for tend to:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
avoir tendance à be inclined to; incline; tend to be inclined; tend
courber incline; tend to arch; bend; bow; bow in honour; change; curve; give way; sag; turn back; wrench; wring out
fléchir incline; tend to arch; bend; bow; bow in honour; curve; double; fold down; give way; sag; wrench; wring out
pencher incline; tend to
plier incline; tend to arch; bend; bow; bow in honour; change; curve; double; fold; fold down; fold in two; fold open; fold out; fold over; fold up; spread out; turn back; unfold; wrench; wring out
recourber incline; tend to arch; bend; bow; curve; wrench; wring out
s'incliner incline; tend to arch; bend down; bow; curtsy; curve; incline; lean over; slant; slope; wrench; wring out
tendre à be inclined to; incline; tend to

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