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  1. wring out:
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Traducciones detalladas de wring out de inglés a francés

wring out:

to wring out verbo (wrings out, wrung out, wringing out)

  1. to wring out (wrench)
    essorer; tordre; plier; tortiller; fléchir; courber; s'incliner; recourber
    • essorer verbo (essore, essores, essorons, essorez, )
    • tordre verbo (tords, tord, tordons, tordez, )
    • plier verbo (plie, plies, plions, pliez, )
    • tortiller verbo (tortille, tortilles, tortillons, tortillez, )
    • fléchir verbo (fléchis, fléchit, fléchissons, fléchissez, )
    • courber verbo (courbe, courbes, courbons, courbez, )
    • s'incliner verbo
    • recourber verbo (recourbe, recourbes, recourbons, recourbez, )

Conjugaciones de wring out:

  1. wring out
  2. wring out
  3. wrings out
  4. wring out
  5. wring out
  6. wring out
simple past
  1. wrung out
  2. wrung out
  3. wrung out
  4. wrung out
  5. wrung out
  6. wrung out
present perfect
  1. have wrung out
  2. have wrung out
  3. has wrung out
  4. have wrung out
  5. have wrung out
  6. have wrung out
past continuous
  1. was wringing out
  2. were wringing out
  3. was wringing out
  4. were wringing out
  5. were wringing out
  6. were wringing out
  1. shall wring out
  2. will wring out
  3. will wring out
  4. shall wring out
  5. will wring out
  6. will wring out
continuous present
  1. am wringing out
  2. are wringing out
  3. is wringing out
  4. are wringing out
  5. are wringing out
  6. are wringing out
  1. be wrung out
  2. be wrung out
  3. be wrung out
  4. be wrung out
  5. be wrung out
  6. be wrung out
  1. wring out!
  2. let's wring out!
  3. wrung out
  4. wringing out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for wring out:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
courber wrench; wring out arch; bend; bow; bow in honour; change; curve; give way; incline; sag; tend to; turn back
essorer wrench; wring out centrifuge; dry; sprain; wrench; wrest from
fléchir wrench; wring out arch; bend; bow; bow in honour; curve; double; fold down; give way; incline; sag; tend to
plier wrench; wring out arch; bend; bow; bow in honour; change; curve; double; fold; fold down; fold in two; fold open; fold out; fold over; fold up; incline; spread out; tend to; turn back; unfold
recourber wrench; wring out arch; bend; bow; curve; incline; tend to
s'incliner wrench; wring out arch; bend down; bow; curtsy; curve; incline; lean over; slant; slope; tend to
tordre wrench; wring out clamp; clasp; clutch; distort; gag; grasp; grip; lever; oppress; pinch; press; seize; sprain; squeeze; twist; twist together; wrench; wrest from; wring
tortiller wrench; wring out sprain; twist together; wrench; wrest from
- squeeze out

Sinónimos de "wring out":

Definiciones relacionadas de "wring out":

  1. extract (liquid) by squeezing or pressing1
    • wring out the washcloth1

Wiktionary: wring out

wring out
  1. exposer à l’air pour faire sécher ou sécher par l’effet de la force centrifuge dans un appareil fermer.

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