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Traducciones detalladas de lubricate de inglés a neerlandés


to lubricate verbo (lubricates, lubricated, lubricating)

  1. to lubricate (grease; smear; rub in; oil)
    oliën; smeren; invetten; inoliën
    • oliën verbo (olie, oliet, oliede, olieden, geolied)
    • smeren verbo (smeer, smeert, smeerde, smeerden, gesmeerd)
    • invetten verbo (vet in, vette in, vetten in, ingevet)
    • inoliën verbo (olie in, oliet in, oliede in, olieden in, ingeölied)
  2. to lubricate (grease; oil)
    • doorsmeren verbo (smeer door, smeert door, smeerde door, smeerden door, doorgesmeerd)

Conjugaciones de lubricate:

  1. lubricate
  2. lubricate
  3. lubricates
  4. lubricate
  5. lubricate
  6. lubricate
simple past
  1. lubricated
  2. lubricated
  3. lubricated
  4. lubricated
  5. lubricated
  6. lubricated
present perfect
  1. have lubricated
  2. have lubricated
  3. has lubricated
  4. have lubricated
  5. have lubricated
  6. have lubricated
past continuous
  1. was lubricating
  2. were lubricating
  3. was lubricating
  4. were lubricating
  5. were lubricating
  6. were lubricating
  1. shall lubricate
  2. will lubricate
  3. will lubricate
  4. shall lubricate
  5. will lubricate
  6. will lubricate
continuous present
  1. am lubricating
  2. are lubricating
  3. is lubricating
  4. are lubricating
  5. are lubricating
  6. are lubricating
  1. be lubricated
  2. be lubricated
  3. be lubricated
  4. be lubricated
  5. be lubricated
  6. be lubricated
  1. lubricate!
  2. let's lubricate!
  3. lubricated
  4. lubricating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for lubricate:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
doorsmeren grease; lubricate; oil
inoliën grease; lubricate; oil; rub in; smear
invetten grease; lubricate; oil; rub in; smear
oliën grease; lubricate; oil; rub in; smear
smeren grease; lubricate; oil; rub in; smear depart; go away; leave; take off
- lube

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Definiciones relacionadas de "lubricate":

  1. make slippery or smooth through the application of a lubricant1
    • lubricate the key1
  2. apply a lubricant to1
    • lubricate my car1
  3. have lubricating properties1
    • the liquid in this can lubricates well1

Wiktionary: lubricate

  1. to make slippery or smooth