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make clear:

to make clear verbo (makes clear, made clear, making clear)

  1. to make clear (explain; make explicit)
    klargöra; göra tydligt; förklara
    • klargöra verbo (klargör, klargjorde, klargjort)
    • göra tydligt verbo (gör tydligt, gjorde tydligt, gjort tydligt)
    • förklara verbo (förklarar, förklarade, förklarat)

Conjugaciones de make clear:

  1. make clear
  2. make clear
  3. makes clear
  4. make clear
  5. make clear
  6. make clear
simple past
  1. made clear
  2. made clear
  3. made clear
  4. made clear
  5. made clear
  6. made clear
present perfect
  1. have made clear
  2. have made clear
  3. has made clear
  4. have made clear
  5. have made clear
  6. have made clear
past continuous
  1. was making clear
  2. were making clear
  3. was making clear
  4. were making clear
  5. were making clear
  6. were making clear
  1. shall make clear
  2. will make clear
  3. will make clear
  4. shall make clear
  5. will make clear
  6. will make clear
continuous present
  1. am making clear
  2. are making clear
  3. is making clear
  4. are making clear
  5. are making clear
  6. are making clear
  1. be made clear
  2. be made clear
  3. be made clear
  4. be made clear
  5. be made clear
  6. be made clear
  1. make clear!
  2. let's make clear!
  3. made clear
  4. making clear
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for make clear:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
förklara explain; make clear; make explicit announce; assert; brighten; clarify; clear up; communicate; compute; contend; cover; declare; define; demonstrate; depict; describe; draw up; elaborate; enlighten; explain; expound; express; impart; inform; intimate; make one's opinion known; paraphrase; recount; report; say; state; tell; work out
göra tydligt explain; make clear; make explicit
klargöra explain; make clear; make explicit clarify; elucidate; enlighten; exemplify; explain; expound; illustrate; light out; spotlight; throw light on
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
förtydliga make clear; make clearer
klarlägga elucidate; explain; make clear
tillrättalägga correct; make clear
tydliggöra elucidate; illustrate; make clear
åskådliggöra illustrate; make clear; visualise; visualize

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