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latido [el ~] sustantivo

  1. el latido (palpitación; llamada)
    the throbbing; the palpitations; the knocking
  2. el latido (golpeo; pataleo; golpeteo)
    the pounding
  3. el latido
    the heartbeat
    – A message generated by an agent that tells its management server that the agent is functioning. It also informs Operations Manager about the current rules that are evaluated by the agent, and if it is necessary, it requests updates. 1

Translation Matrix for latido:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
heartbeat latido latido del corazón; pulso
knocking latido; llamada; palpitación golpeteo; llamar a la puerta; martilleo
palpitations latido; llamada; palpitación
pounding golpeo; golpeteo; latido; pataleo desmenuce; desmenuzamiento; estruendos; golpes; pataleo; pateadura; topetazos; zumbidos
throbbing latido; llamada; palpitación

Sinónimos de "latido":

Wiktionary: latido

  1. one pulsation of the heart
  2. the pulsation of the heart

Cross Translation:
latido bashing; beating; buffetting battementaction de battre, parler des choses.

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