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transparence [la ~] sustantivo

  1. la transparence (limpidité; clarté)
    the transparency
  2. la transparence
    the transparency
    – A standard that requires that the structure for processing personal information be in a fashion that is open and understandable to the individual whose data is being processed. It is a goal of the Fair Information Practices, which requires a company to inform users what personal information the company collects and how the data is used. 1
  3. la transparence
    the glassiness
    – The appearance of the Start menu and the taskbar after the glass visual style has been applied to customize the color, intensity, and opacity of window borders. 1
  4. la transparence
    the transparency
    – The quality that defines how much light passes through an object's pixels. 1
  5. la transparence
    the transparency
    – A security model that helps developers write and deploy secure libraries and applications by isolating code depending on privilege. Level 1 transparency was introduced in the .NET Framework version 2.0. It enables developers to annotate code to declare which types and members can perform security elevations and other trusted actions (security-critical) and which cannot (security-transparent). Level 2 transparency, which was introduced in the .NET Framework 4, refines this model. It adds a third group of code, security-safe-critical code, which are types or members that access secure resources and can be safely used by partially-trusted code in the .NET Framework. 1
  6. la transparence (transparence des fenêtres)
    the glass; the window glass
    – A visual effect that imparts a quality of translucency to windows. 1

Translation Matrix for transparence:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
glass transparence; transparence des fenêtres coupe; glace; gobelet; mirroir; petit verre; pot; service de verres; verre; verre d'ampoule; verre de lampe; verre à boire; verrerie
glassiness transparence
transparency clarté; limpidité; transparence diapo; diapositive; transparent
window glass transparence; transparence des fenêtres
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
glass de verre
glassiness clair; limpide; transparent

Sinónimos de "transparence":

Wiktionary: transparence

  1. caractère de ce qui être transparent.
  1. quality of bring transparent
  2. transparent object
  3. quality of being transparent; transparence

Cross Translation:
transparence transparency transparantie — doorzichtbaarheid
transparence transparence; obviousness; lucidity; clearness; clarity duidelijkheid — het evident en vanzelfsprekend zijn