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Domäne [die ~] sustantivo

  1. die Domäne
    the domain
  2. die Domäne
    the domain
    – The set of possible values that you can specify for an independent variable in a function, or for a database attribute. 1
  3. die Domäne
    the domain
    – A collection of computers in a networked environment that share a common database, directory database, or tree. A domain is administered as a unit with common rules and procedures, which can include security policies, and each domain has a unique name. 1
  4. die Domäne
    the domain
    – A set of records defined by a table, a query, or an SQL expression. 1
  5. die Domäne
    the domain
    – In Active Directory, a collection of computer, user, and group objects defined by the administrator. These objects share a common directory database, security policies, and security relationships with other domains. 1
  6. die Domäne
    the domain
    – In DNS, any tree or subtree within the DNS namespace. 1
  7. die Domäne
    the domain
    – In "DIT Repository", a SQL Server schema that describes an item or pattern used in the application lifecycle. 1
  8. die Domäne (Domäne der obersten Ebene; Top-Level-Domain; TLD)
    the domain; the top-level domain; the TLD
    – In the Internet and other networks, the highest subdivision of a domain name in a network address, which identifies the type of entity owning the address (for example, .com for commercial users or .edu for educational institutions) or the geographical location of the address (for example, .fr for France or .sg for Singapore). The domain is the last part of the address (for example, 1

Translation Matrix for Domäne:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
TLD Domäne; Domäne der obersten Ebene; TLD; Top-Level-Domain
domain Domäne; Domäne der obersten Ebene; TLD; Top-Level-Domain Bereich; Bezirk; Fläche; Gau; Gebiet; Gegend; Gelände; Provinz; Region; Teil des Staates; Zone
top-level domain Domäne; Domäne der obersten Ebene; TLD; Top-Level-Domain

Sinónimos de "Domäne":

Wiktionary: Domäne

  1. Biologie: die höchste taxonomische Einheit in der biologischen Systematik
  2. ein Fachgebiet, ein Wissensgebiet
  1. collection of computers
  2. highest-level grouping of organisms
  3. collection of information
  4. DNS domain name
  5. a field or sphere of activity, influence or expertise
  6. geographic area owned or controlled by a single person or organization