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Traducciones detalladas de Pool de alemán a inglés


Pool [der ~] sustantivo

  1. der Pool (Einsatz; Geldeinlage; Spielgeld)
    the pool
    – the combined stakes of the betters 1
    • pool [the ~] sustantivo
    the wee-wee; the stakes; the cash for playing
  2. der Pool
    the pool
    – A group of things, such as invoices, sales orders, or productions, that have characteristics in common and are to be handled in a similar fashion. 2
    • pool [the ~] sustantivo
  3. der Pool
    the pool
    – A combination of one or more front-end servers and a SQL database that is either hosted on the front-end server (Standard Edition configuration) or on one or more back-end servers (EE configurations). 2
    • pool [the ~] sustantivo

Translation Matrix for Pool:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
cash for playing Einsatz; Geldeinlage; Pool; Spielgeld
pool Einsatz; Geldeinlage; Pool; Spielgeld Pfütze; Schwimmbad; Teich; Tümpel
stakes Einsatz; Geldeinlage; Pool; Spielgeld Einlage; Geldeinsatz; Verwendung
wee-wee Einsatz; Geldeinlage; Pool; Spielgeld

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Wiktionary: Pool

  1. kurz für: Poolbillard
  2. kurz für: Swimmingpool