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Traducciones detalladas de amble de inglés a alemán


to amble verbo (ambles, ambled, ambling)

  1. to amble (stroll; walk; promenade; saunter; parade)
    spazieren; bummeln; schlendern; spazierengehen; herumschlendern
    • spazieren verbo (spaziere, spazierst, spaziert, spazierte, spaziertet, spaziert)
    • bummeln verbo (bummele, bummelst, bummelt, bummelte, bummeltet, gebummelt)
    • schlendern verbo (schlendere, schlenderst, schlendert, schlenderte, schlendertet, geschlendert)
    • herumschlendern verbo (schlendre herum, schlenderst herum, schlendert herum, schlenderte herum, schlendertet herum, herumgeschlendert)

Conjugaciones de amble:

  1. amble
  2. amble
  3. ambles
  4. amble
  5. amble
  6. amble
simple past
  1. ambled
  2. ambled
  3. ambled
  4. ambled
  5. ambled
  6. ambled
present perfect
  1. have ambled
  2. have ambled
  3. has ambled
  4. have ambled
  5. have ambled
  6. have ambled
past continuous
  1. was ambling
  2. were ambling
  3. was ambling
  4. were ambling
  5. were ambling
  6. were ambling
  1. shall amble
  2. will amble
  3. will amble
  4. shall amble
  5. will amble
  6. will amble
continuous present
  1. am ambling
  2. are ambling
  3. is ambling
  4. are ambling
  5. are ambling
  6. are ambling
  1. be ambled
  2. be ambled
  3. be ambled
  4. be ambled
  5. be ambled
  6. be ambled
  1. amble!
  2. let's amble!
  3. ambled
  4. ambling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

amble [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the amble (ambling gait; pace)
    der Paßgang

Translation Matrix for amble:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
Paßgang amble; ambling gait; pace
- perambulation; promenade; saunter; stroll
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
bummeln amble; parade; promenade; saunter; stroll; walk be going to; be on the razzle; be on the spree; feast; go; going out; idle; knock about; lounge about; lounge around; move; move on; pace; revel; saunter about; sit around; throw away; walk; walk about; walk round; waste
herumschlendern amble; parade; promenade; saunter; stroll; walk gad about; knock about; lounge about; roam; rove; saunter about; walk about; walk round; wander about
schlendern amble; parade; promenade; saunter; stroll; walk knock about; lounge; lounge about; pace; parade; saunter; saunter about; stroll; walk about; walk round
spazieren amble; parade; promenade; saunter; stroll; walk be going to; go; lounge; move; move on; pace; parade; saunter; stroll; walk
spazierengehen amble; parade; promenade; saunter; stroll; walk be going to; go; lounge; move; move on; pace; parade; saunter; stroll; walk
- mosey

Palabras relacionadas con "amble":

  • ambling, ambles

Sinónimos de "amble":

Definiciones relacionadas de "amble":

  1. a leisurely walk (usually in some public place)1
  2. walk leisurely1

Wiktionary: amble

  1. to stroll or walk slowly and leisurely
  1. an easy gait, especially that of a horse
  2. an unhurried leisurely walk or stroll

Cross Translation:
amble trippeln trottineraller à un trot raccourcir.