Traducciones detalladas de high-flying de inglés a alemán


Translation Matrix for high-flying:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
vermessen map; survey
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
ambitiös ambitious; aspiring; floating high; flying high; high-flying; pushy; soaring
ehrgeizig ambitious; aspiring; high-flying; pushy
eifrig ambitious; aspiring; high-flying; pushy active; actively; animated; ardent; assiduous; avid; busily; busily engaged; busy; decisive; desirous; diligent; eager; eagre; energetic; engaged; excited; exciting; fanatical; fanatically; fervent; fierce; hard-working; heated; horny; hot; hot-blooded; hot-tempered; humming; indefatigable; industrious; industriously; intense; keen; lascivious; lively; obsessed; occupied; operative; passionate; practiced; practised; randy; temperamental; temperamentful; tied up; tireless; up; vibrant; working; zealous
enorm ambitious; aspiring; high-flying; pushy awecommanding; colossal; confounding; deferent; dumbfounded; enormous; gigantic; grand; grandiose; huge; immense; magnificent; out of proportion; overpowering; overwhelming; regardful; respectful; reverential; splendid; stupendous; swell; terrible; to a huge extent; tremendous; vast; very big; very large
großartig ambitious; aspiring; high-flying; pushy blinding; brilliant; colossal; cool; dazzling; delightful; enormous; excellent; exquisite; extraordinary; fabulous; famous; fanciful; fantastic; first-rate; formidable; gigantic; glittering; glorious; grand; grandiose; great; haughty; huge; immense; lofty; lordly; magnificent; marvellous; marvelous; mighty; out of proportion; outrageous; phenomenal; powerful; princely; prodigious; proud; royal; smashing; splendid; stupendous; super; superb; swell; terrible; terrific; to a huge extent; top-notch; tremendous; vast; very large; vigorous; wonderful
hochfliegend floating high; flying high; high-flying; soaring
tollkühn ambitious; aspiring; floating high; flying high; high-flying; pushy; soaring audacious; daredevil; daring; foolhardy; light-headed; overconfident; presumptuous; rash; reckless; temerarious
vermessen floating high; flying high; high-flying; soaring
verwegen floating high; flying high; high-flying; soaring audacious; daring; foolhardy; light-headed; overconfident; overexcited; presumptuous; rash; reckless; temerarious

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