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Traducciones detalladas de incriminate de inglés a alemán


to incriminate verbo (incriminates, incriminated, incriminating)

  1. to incriminate (accuse; charge; charge with; imputate; denounce)
    • anklagen verbo (klage an, klagst an, klagt an, klagte an, klagtet an, angeklagt)
  2. to incriminate (accuse; insinuate; charge)
    verdächtigen; beschuldigen; anklagen
    • verdächtigen verbo (verdächtige, verdächtigst, verdächtigt, verdächtigte, verdächtigtet, verdâchtigt)
    • beschuldigen verbo (beschuldige, beschuldigst, beschuldigt, beschuldigte, beschuldigtet, beschuldigt)
    • anklagen verbo (klage an, klagst an, klagt an, klagte an, klagtet an, angeklagt)

Conjugaciones de incriminate:

  1. incriminate
  2. incriminate
  3. incriminates
  4. incriminate
  5. incriminate
  6. incriminate
simple past
  1. incriminated
  2. incriminated
  3. incriminated
  4. incriminated
  5. incriminated
  6. incriminated
present perfect
  1. have incriminated
  2. have incriminated
  3. has incriminated
  4. have incriminated
  5. have incriminated
  6. have incriminated
past continuous
  1. was incriminating
  2. were incriminating
  3. was incriminating
  4. were incriminating
  5. were incriminating
  6. were incriminating
  1. shall incriminate
  2. will incriminate
  3. will incriminate
  4. shall incriminate
  5. will incriminate
  6. will incriminate
continuous present
  1. am incriminating
  2. are incriminating
  3. is incriminating
  4. are incriminating
  5. are incriminating
  6. are incriminating
  1. be incriminated
  2. be incriminated
  3. be incriminated
  4. be incriminated
  5. be incriminated
  6. be incriminated
  1. incriminate!
  2. let's incriminate!
  3. incriminated
  4. incriminating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for incriminate:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
anklagen accuse; charge; charge with; denounce; imputate; incriminate; insinuate accuse; charge; charge with; over-act
beschuldigen accuse; charge; incriminate; insinuate accuse; charge; charge with; over-act
verdächtigen accuse; charge; incriminate; insinuate
- accuse; criminate; impeach; imply; inculpate

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Sinónimos de "incriminate":

Definiciones relacionadas de "incriminate":

  1. bring an accusation against; level a charge against1
  2. suggest that someone is guilty1

Wiktionary: incriminate

  1. to indicate the guilt of
  2. to accuse or bring criminal charges against