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to operate verbo (operates, operated, operating)

  1. to operate (proceed; work)
    funktionieren; vorgehen; arbeiten; tun
    • funktionieren verbo (funktioniere, funktionierst, funktioniert, funktionierte, funktioniertet, funktioniert)
    • vorgehen verbo (gehe vor, gehst vor, geht vor, gang vor, ganget vor, vorgegangen)
    • arbeiten verbo (arbeite, arbeitest, arbeitet, arbeitete, arbeitetet, gearbeitet)
    • tun verbo (tue, tuest, tut, tat, tatet, getan)
  2. to operate (serve; attend to)
  3. to operate (drive; ride)
    fahren; steuern; lenken
    • fahren verbo (fahre, fährst, fährt, fuhr, fuhrt, gefahren)
    • steuern verbo (steuere, steuerst, steuert, steuerte, steuertet, gesteuert)
    • lenken verbo (lenke, lenkst, lenkt, lenkte, lenktet, gelenkt)

Conjugaciones de operate:

  1. operate
  2. operate
  3. operates
  4. operate
  5. operate
  6. operate
simple past
  1. operated
  2. operated
  3. operated
  4. operated
  5. operated
  6. operated
present perfect
  1. have operated
  2. have operated
  3. has operated
  4. have operated
  5. have operated
  6. have operated
past continuous
  1. was operating
  2. were operating
  3. was operating
  4. were operating
  5. were operating
  6. were operating
  1. shall operate
  2. will operate
  3. will operate
  4. shall operate
  5. will operate
  6. will operate
continuous present
  1. am operating
  2. are operating
  3. is operating
  4. are operating
  5. are operating
  6. are operating
  1. be operated
  2. be operated
  3. be operated
  4. be operated
  5. be operated
  6. be operated
  1. operate!
  2. let's operate!
  3. operated
  4. operating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

operate [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the operate (agitating; perform; work)
    Handeln; Agieren

Translation Matrix for operate:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
Agieren agitating; operate; perform; work
Handeln agitating; operate; perform; work
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
Knöpfe bedienen attend to; operate; serve
arbeiten operate; proceed; work do; labor; labour; work
fahren drive; operate; ride be at the wheel; cart; drive; steer; trundle; wheel
funktionieren operate; proceed; work be on duty; function
lenken drive; operate; ride address; arrange; be at the wheel; be in command of; change one's tack; command; coordinate; direct; drive; drive horses; exercise authority; exert power; fly a machine; fly an aeroplane; go overboard for; guide; lead; navigate; order; organise; organize; point the direction; preside; refer to; reign; rule; steer; tack; take the lead
steuern drive; operate; ride act upon; arrange; arrange something; be at the wheel; be in command of; come in; command; drive; enter; exercise authority; exert power; fix; fly a machine; fly an aeroplane; get in; go in; go inside; go into; head for; influence; make for; navigate; order; preside; reign; rule; sail; set course for; steer; steer a course for; steer for; take the lead
tun operate; proceed; work accomplish; act; agitate; apply; conceptualise; conceptualize; construct; create; deal; deal with; design; do; employ; function; invent; labor; labour; make; make use of; manufacture; prepare; use; utilise; utilize; work
vorgehen operate; proceed; work have right of way
- control; engage; function; go; lock; maneuver; manoeuver; manoeuvre; mesh; operate on; run; work

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Definiciones relacionadas de "operate":

  1. perform surgery on1
    • The doctors operated on the patient but failed to save his life1
  2. happen1
  3. perform a movement in military or naval tactics in order to secure an advantage in attack or defense1
  4. handle and cause to function1
    • do not operate machinery after imbibing alcohol1
  5. keep engaged1
  6. perform as expected when applied1
  7. direct or control; projects, businesses, etc.1
    • She is running a relief operation in the Sudan1

Wiktionary: operate

  1. medicine
  2. to operate a machine
  3. -
  1. etwas geplant, kontrolliert und überprüfbar auf etwas einwirken lassen, damit ein passender, gewünschter Effekt hervorgerufen wird
  2. etwas in Tätigkeit/Gang setzen
  3. eine Wirkung entfalten

Cross Translation:
operate hervorrufen; herbeiführen; verursachen teweegbrengen — veroorzaken
operate arbeiten; operieren opereren — acties uitvoeren, optreden
operate operieren opereren — aan een chirurgische ingreep onderwerpen
operate funktionieren functioneren~ als een bepaalde functie vervullen
operate funktionieren fonctionneraccomplir sa fonction, en parlant d’un mécanisme, d’un organe, etc.
operate operieren; machen; tun; stellen; bereiten; wirken; einwirken; erwirken; wirksam sein; Wirkung ausüben; agieren; handeln; verfahren; vorgehen; tätig sein; sich verhalten opéreraccomplir une œuvre, produire un effet.

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