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organization [the ~] sustantivo, americano

  1. the organization (bureau; office; organisation)
    die Dienststelle; die Instanz; die Einrichtung; die Stelle; die Anstalt; Amt
  2. the organization (corporation; guild; craft; )
    die Gilde
    • Gilde [die ~] sustantivo
  3. the organization
    – The top level of a business hierarchy. 1

Translation Matrix for organization:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
Amt bureau; office; organisation; organization
Anstalt bureau; office; organisation; organization funny farm; home; loony bin; madhouse; mental home; mental hospital; mental institution; nut-house
Dienststelle bureau; office; organisation; organization function; installment; instalment; institution; job; position; post; service
Einrichtung bureau; office; organisation; organization arrangement; badge; care; classification; concern; decoration; disposition; funny farm; furnishing; home; insignia; loony bin; madhouse; maintenance; mark; marshalling; mental home; mental hospital; mental institution; nursing; nut-house; position; provision; ranging; service; worry
Gilde corporation; craft; guild; organisation; organization; professional organisation; professional organization alliance; association; club; coalition; collaboration; cooperation; corporation; craft; craft guild; craft union; fellowship; guild; pact; professional organisation; professional organization; society; treaty; union
Instanz bureau; office; organisation; organization instance
Stelle bureau; office; organisation; organization boon; favor; favour; goodwill; government office; grace; job; list; location; mass; orientation; passage; patronage; place; schedule; service; siting; support; table
- administration; arrangement; brass; constitution; establishment; formation; governance; governing body; organisation; system
Not SpecifiedTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
Organisation organization

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Definiciones relacionadas de "organization":

  1. the act of forming or establishing something2
    • he still remembers the organization of the club2
  2. the activity or result of distributing or disposing persons or things properly or methodically2
    • his organization of the work force was very efficient2
  3. the act of organizing a business or an activity related to a business2
    • he was brought in to supervise the organization of a new department2
  4. an ordered manner; orderliness by virtue of being methodical and well organized2
    • his compulsive organization was not an endearing quality2
  5. an organized structure for arranging or classifying2
    • the facts were familiar but it was in the organization of them that he was original2
  6. a group of people who work together2
  7. the persons (or committees or departments etc.) who make up a body for the purpose of administering something2
  8. The top level of a business hierarchy.1

Wiktionary: organization

  1. quality of being organized
  2. the way in which something is organized
  3. group of people or other legal entities with an explicit purpose and written rules
  4. group of people consciously cooperating
  1. Physik: das geordnete, strukturierte Zusammenspiel von Elementen und Faktoren als Gegensatz zum unbestimmten Chaos
  2. die Handlung, etwas zu gründen bzw. zu erstellen

Cross Translation:
organization Organisation organisatie — een groep die een bepaald doel of of bepaalde rol heeft
organization Organisation organisatie — de manier waarop iets georganiseerd is
organization Organisation organisatie — het organiseren

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