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step down:

to step down verbo (steps down, stepped down, stepping down)

  1. to step down (get off; step out)
    aussteigen; herabsteigen; heruntersteigen; steigen; hinabsteigen; hinuntersteigen
    • aussteigen verbo (steige aus, steigst aus, steigt aus, stieg aus, stiegt aus, ausgestiegen)
    • herabsteigen verbo (steige herab, steigst herab, steigt herab, stieg herab, stiegt herab, herabgestiegen)
    • heruntersteigen verbo (steige herunter, steigst herunter, steigt herunter, stieg herunter, stiegt herunter, heruntergestiegen)
    • steigen verbo (steige, steigst, steigt, stieg, stiegt, gestiegen)
    • hinabsteigen verbo (steige hinab, steigst hinab, steigt hinab, stieg hinab, stieget hinab, hinabgestiegen)
    • hinuntersteigen verbo (steige hinunter, steigst hinunter, steigt hinunter, stieg hinunter, stiegt hinunter, hinuntergestiegen)

Conjugaciones de step down:

  1. step down
  2. step down
  3. steps down
  4. step down
  5. step down
  6. step down
simple past
  1. stepped down
  2. stepped down
  3. stepped down
  4. stepped down
  5. stepped down
  6. stepped down
present perfect
  1. have stepped down
  2. have stepped down
  3. has stepped down
  4. have stepped down
  5. have stepped down
  6. have stepped down
past continuous
  1. was stepping down
  2. were stepping down
  3. was stepping down
  4. were stepping down
  5. were stepping down
  6. were stepping down
  1. shall step down
  2. will step down
  3. will step down
  4. shall step down
  5. will step down
  6. will step down
continuous present
  1. am stepping down
  2. are stepping down
  3. is stepping down
  4. are stepping down
  5. are stepping down
  6. are stepping down
  1. be stepped down
  2. be stepped down
  3. be stepped down
  4. be stepped down
  5. be stepped down
  6. be stepped down
  1. step down!
  2. let's step down!
  3. stepped down
  4. stepping down
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for step down:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
aussteigen get off; step down; step out break away; duck out; elude; escape; get away; get off; get out; go out; make a duck; slip quietly into the night; squeeze out of it; step out
herabsteigen get off; step down; step out come down; descend; end up somewhere; get finished; go down; land
heruntersteigen get off; step down; step out climb down; come down; descend; get finished; go down; land
hinabsteigen get off; step down; step out come down; descend; go down; land
hinuntersteigen get off; step down; step out climb off; come down; descend; get finished; go down; land
steigen get off; step down; step out arise; ascend; attend; be off; be on the razzle; be on the spree; be on the upgrade; be present at; become higher; become larger; bristle; build; clamber; climb; climb up; come up; erect; establish; feast; flare up; fly up; get away; go up; go upward; going out; grow; increase; mount; observe; occur; raise; revel; rise; rise to the surface; scramble; set up; shin; show up; sit up; start; take off; witness
- de-escalate; leave office; quit; resign; weaken

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Definiciones relacionadas de "step down":

  1. reduce the level or intensity or size or scope of1
  2. give up or retire from a position1

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