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  1. bump off:


Sinónimos detallados de bump off en inglés

bump off:

to bump off verbo (bumps off, bumped off, bumping off)

  1. to bump off
    to bump off
    • bump off verbo (bumps off, bumped off, bumping off)
  2. to bump off
    – kill intentionally and with premeditation 1
    to dispatch; off; to hit; to remove; to murder; to bump off; to polish off; slay
    – kill intentionally and with premeditation 1
    • dispatch verbo (dispatches, dispatched, dispatching)
    • off verbo
    • hit verbo (hits, hit, hitting)
    • remove verbo (removes, removed, removing)
    • murder verbo (murders, murdered, murdering)
      • The mafia boss ordered his enemies murdered1
    • bump off verbo (bumps off, bumped off, bumping off)
    • polish off verbo (polishes off, polished off, polishing off)
    • slay verbo

Conjugaciones de bump off:

  1. bump off
  2. bump off
  3. bumps off
  4. bump off
  5. bump off
  6. bump off
simple past
  1. bumped off
  2. bumped off
  3. bumped off
  4. bumped off
  5. bumped off
  6. bumped off
present perfect
  1. have bumped off
  2. have bumped off
  3. has bumped off
  4. have bumped off
  5. have bumped off
  6. have bumped off
past continuous
  1. was bumping off
  2. were bumping off
  3. was bumping off
  4. were bumping off
  5. were bumping off
  6. were bumping off
  1. shall bump off
  2. will bump off
  3. will bump off
  4. shall bump off
  5. will bump off
  6. will bump off
continuous present
  1. am bumping off
  2. are bumping off
  3. is bumping off
  4. are bumping off
  5. are bumping off
  6. are bumping off
  1. be bumped off
  2. be bumped off
  3. be bumped off
  4. be bumped off
  5. be bumped off
  6. be bumped off
  1. bump off!
  2. let's bump off!
  3. bumped off
  4. bumping off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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  1. kill intentionally and with premeditation1

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