Sinónimos detallados de but en inglés


but adv.

  1. but
    – except that 1
    • only adj.
      • It was the same story; only this time she came out better1
  2. but
    however; but; yet
  3. but
  4. but
    – and nothing more 1
    just; but; only; simply; merely
    – and nothing more 1
    • just adv.
      • just a scratch1
    • but adv.
      • hopes that last but a moment1
    • only adv.
      • he was only a child1
    • simply adv.
      • it is simply a matter of time1
    • merely adv.
      • I was merely asking1

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  1. and nothing more1
    • hopes that last but a moment1

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