Sinónimos detallados de carry through en inglés

carry through:

to carry through verbo (carry through, carried through, carrying through)

  1. to carry through
    to carry through
    • carry through verbo (carry through, carried through, carrying through)
  2. to carry through
    – put in effect 1
    to accomplish; fulfil; to execute; action; to carry out; to carry through; fulfill
    – put in effect 1
    • accomplish verbo (accomplishes, accomplished, accomplishing)
    • fulfil verbo, británico
    • execute verbo (executes, executed, executing)
      • execute the decision of the people1
    • action verbo
      • He actioned the operation1
    • carry out verbo (carry out, carried out, carrying out)
      • carry out a task1
    • carry through verbo (carry through, carried through, carrying through)
    • fulfill verbo, americano
  3. to carry through
    – bring into safety 1
    to save; to carry through; to pull through; to bring through
    – bring into safety 1
    • save verbo (saves, saved, saving)
    • carry through verbo (carry through, carried through, carrying through)
    • pull through verbo (pulls through, pulled through, pulling through)
    • bring through verbo (brings through, brought through, bringing through)

Conjugaciones de carry through:

  1. carry through
  2. carry through
  3. carry through
  4. carry through
  5. carry through
  6. carry through
simple past
  1. carried through
  2. carried through
  3. carried through
  4. carried through
  5. carried through
  6. carried through
present perfect
  1. have carried through
  2. have carried through
  3. has carried through
  4. have carried through
  5. have carried through
  6. have carried through
past continuous
  1. was carrying through
  2. were carrying through
  3. was carrying through
  4. were carrying through
  5. were carrying through
  6. were carrying through
  1. shall carry through
  2. will carry through
  3. will carry through
  4. shall carry through
  5. will carry through
  6. will carry through
continuous present
  1. am carrying through
  2. are carrying through
  3. is carrying through
  4. are carrying through
  5. are carrying through
  6. are carrying through
  1. be carried through
  2. be carried through
  3. be carried through
  4. be carried through
  5. be carried through
  6. be carried through
  1. carry through!
  2. let's carry through!
  3. carried through
  4. carrying through
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

carry through

  1. carry through

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Definiciones relacionadas de "carry through":

  1. put in effect1
  2. bring into safety1

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