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cast around:

cast around verbo

  1. cast around
    to spread; to disperse; to scatter; cast around; to sprinkle; to strew about; to sow; to toss about
    • spread verbo (spreads, spread, spreading)
    • disperse verbo (disperses, dispersed, dispersing)
    • scatter verbo (scatters, scattered, scattering)
    • cast around verbo
    • sprinkle verbo (sprinkles, sprinkled, sprinkling)
    • strew about verbo (strews about, strewed about, strewing about)
    • sow verbo (sows, sowed, sowing)
    • toss about verbo (tosses about, tossed about, tossing about)
  2. cast around
    – search anxiously 1
    cast around; beat about; cast about
    – search anxiously 1

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