Sinónimos detallados de fritter away en inglés

fritter away:

to fritter away verbo (fritters away, frittered away, frittering away)

  1. to fritter away
    to split; to divide; to fritter away; cut up in pieces; to separate; to cut up
    • split verbo (splits, split, splitting)
    • divide verbo (divides, divided, dividing)
    • fritter away verbo (fritters away, frittered away, frittering away)
    • separate verbo (separates, separated, separating)
    • cut up verbo (cuts up, cut up, cutting up)
  2. to fritter away
    – spend frivolously and unwisely 1
    to fool; to dissipate; to shoot; fritter; to fritter away; frivol away; fool away
    – spend frivolously and unwisely 1

Conjugaciones de fritter away:

  1. fritter away
  2. fritter away
  3. fritters away
  4. fritter away
  5. fritter away
  6. fritter away
simple past
  1. frittered away
  2. frittered away
  3. frittered away
  4. frittered away
  5. frittered away
  6. frittered away
present perfect
  1. have frittered away
  2. have frittered away
  3. has frittered away
  4. have frittered away
  5. have frittered away
  6. have frittered away
past continuous
  1. was frittering away
  2. were frittering away
  3. was frittering away
  4. were frittering away
  5. were frittering away
  6. were frittering away
  1. shall fritter away
  2. will fritter away
  3. will fritter away
  4. shall fritter away
  5. will fritter away
  6. will fritter away
continuous present
  1. am frittering away
  2. are frittering away
  3. is frittering away
  4. are frittering away
  5. are frittering away
  6. are frittering away
  1. be frittered away
  2. be frittered away
  3. be frittered away
  4. be frittered away
  5. be frittered away
  6. be frittered away
  1. fritter away!
  2. let's fritter away!
  3. frittered away
  4. frittering away
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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  1. spend frivolously and unwisely1

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