Sinónimos detallados de laud en inglés


laud verbo

  1. laud
    to praise; throw heaps of praise upon; laud; to esteem; to esteem highly; commend higly; value highly; to extol
  2. laud
    – praise, glorify, or honor 1
    to proclaim; to exalt; to extol; to glorify; laud
    – praise, glorify, or honor 1
    • proclaim verbo (proclaims, proclaimed, proclaiming)
    • exalt verbo (exalts, exalted, exalting)
    • extol verbo (extols, extoled, extoling)
      • extol the virtues of one's children1
    • glorify verbo (glorifies, glorified, glorifying)
      • glorify one's spouse's cooking1
    • laud verbo

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  1. praise, glorify, or honor1