Sinónimos detallados de tell tales en inglés

tell tales:

to tell tales verbo (tells tales, told tales, telling tales)

  1. to tell tales
    to cry; to shriek; to squeal; to shout; to let on; to tell tales
    • cry verbo (cries, cried, crying)
    • shriek verbo (shrieks, shrieked, shrieking)
    • squeal verbo (squeals, squealled, squealling)
    • shout verbo (shouts, shouted, shouting)
    • let on verbo (lets on, let on, letting on)
    • tell tales verbo (tells tales, told tales, telling tales)
  2. to tell tales
    to blab; to tell tales; to tattle
    • blab verbo (blabs, blabbed, blabbing)
    • tell tales verbo (tells tales, told tales, telling tales)
    • tattle verbo (tattles, tattled, tattling)
  3. to tell tales
    to reveal; to denounce; peach; to disclose; to give away; to report; to squeal; to inform against; to tell tales
    • reveal verbo (reveals, revealed, revealing)
    • denounce verbo (denounces, denounced, denouncing)
    • peach verbo
    • disclose verbo (discloses, disclose, disclosing)
    • give away verbo (gives away, gave away, giving away)
    • report verbo (reports, reported, reporting)
    • squeal verbo (squeals, squealled, squealling)
    • inform against verbo (informs against, informed against, informing against)
    • tell tales verbo (tells tales, told tales, telling tales)

Conjugaciones de tell tales:

  1. tell tales
  2. tell tales
  3. tells tales
  4. tell tales
  5. tell tales
  6. tell tales
simple past
  1. told tales
  2. told tales
  3. told tales
  4. told tales
  5. told tales
  6. told tales
present perfect
  1. have told tales
  2. have told tales
  3. has told tales
  4. have told tales
  5. have told tales
  6. have told tales
past continuous
  1. was telling tales
  2. were telling tales
  3. was telling tales
  4. were telling tales
  5. were telling tales
  6. were telling tales
  1. shall tell tales
  2. will tell tales
  3. will tell tales
  4. shall tell tales
  5. will tell tales
  6. will tell tales
continuous present
  1. am telling tales
  2. are telling tales
  3. is telling tales
  4. are telling tales
  5. are telling tales
  6. are telling tales
  1. be told tales
  2. be told tales
  3. be told tales
  4. be told tales
  5. be told tales
  6. be told tales
  1. tell tales!
  2. let's tell tales!
  3. told tales
  4. telling tales
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

tell tales

  1. tell tales

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