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suffering [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the suffering
    el sufrimiento; el padecimiento
  2. the suffering (loss; demerit; bereavement; disadvantage; contra)
    la pérdida; la derrota; la caída

suffering adj.

  1. suffering (enduring)

Translation Matrix for suffering:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
caída bereavement; contra; demerit; disadvantage; loss; suffering caving in; collapse; collapsing; diminishing; fall; falling down; lessening
derrota bereavement; contra; demerit; disadvantage; loss; suffering bust-up; collapse; crash; defeat; disadvantage; downfall; drawback; failure; fall-through; fiasco; flop; let down; ruin; sagging; slump; smash
padecimiento suffering
pérdida bereavement; contra; demerit; disadvantage; loss; suffering defeat; disadvantage; downfall; drawback; failure; fall-through; fiasco; flop; leak; leakage; let down; ruin; spill
sufrimiento suffering atonement; cross; penance; sign of the cross
- agony; distress; excruciation; hurt; woe
AdjectiveTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- miserable; wretched
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
doliente enduring; suffering awkward; full of sadness; grievous; pained; painful
padeciente enduring; suffering
sufriendo enduring; suffering

Palabras relacionadas con "suffering":

Sinónimos de "suffering":

Definiciones relacionadas de "suffering":

  1. very unhappy; full of misery1
    • a message of hope for suffering humanity1
  2. troubled by pain or loss1
    • suffering refugees1
  3. feelings of mental or physical pain1
  4. psychological suffering1
  5. a state of acute pain1
  6. misery resulting from affliction1

Wiktionary: suffering

  1. experiencing pain
  1. condition

Cross Translation:
suffering esfuerzo; carga; gravamen; sarcia Beschwernisgehoben: die mit einer Angelegenheit verbundene Mühe oder Anstrengung
suffering sufrimiento; padecimiento; dolor; enfermedad; maleza Leiden — alle vom Begriff des Schmerzes nicht erfassten Beeinträchtigungen des Wohlbefindens, die über ein schlichtes Unbehagen hinausgehen und eine nicht ganz unwesentliche Zeitspanne fortdauern

suffering forma de suffer:

Conjugaciones de suffer:

  1. suffer
  2. suffer
  3. suffers
  4. suffer
  5. suffer
  6. suffer
simple past
  1. suffered
  2. suffered
  3. suffered
  4. suffered
  5. suffered
  6. suffered
present perfect
  1. have suffered
  2. have suffered
  3. has suffered
  4. have suffered
  5. have suffered
  6. have suffered
past continuous
  1. was suffering
  2. were suffering
  3. was suffering
  4. were suffering
  5. were suffering
  6. were suffering
  1. shall suffer
  2. will suffer
  3. will suffer
  4. shall suffer
  5. will suffer
  6. will suffer
continuous present
  1. am suffering
  2. are suffering
  3. is suffering
  4. are suffering
  5. are suffering
  6. are suffering
  1. be suffered
  2. be suffered
  3. be suffered
  4. be suffered
  5. be suffered
  6. be suffered
  1. suffer!
  2. let's suffer!
  3. suffered
  4. suffering
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

suffer adj.

  1. suffer

Translation Matrix for suffer:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
expiar fine
pagar fine
sucumbir collapse; succubing
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
cargar con las consecuencias have to pay for; suffer
desaparecer bajo u.c. go under; perish; set; sink; submerge; succumb; suffer
expiar atone for; expiate; pay for one's mistake's; suffer do penance for; repent for
hacer penitencia por atone for; expiate; pay for one's mistake's; suffer
padecer suffer bear; endure; live through; stand; sustain
pagar atone for; expiate; pay for one's mistake's; suffer allocate; allot; assign; bear the costs; bestow on; bring down; cash; come forward with; confer; cough up; deposit; give; honor; honour; make even; pay; pay for; pay off; pay on account; pay out; pay over; pay up; pour; remit; remunerate; repay; reward; send; settle; spend; sprinkle; take down; transfer; turn out
pagar el pato have to pay for; suffer
sucumbir go under; perish; set; sink; submerge; succumb; suffer bear; collapse; endure; stand; sustain
sufrir suffer bear; carry; carry along; catch; contract; endure; get; receive; stand; sustain
- ache; endure; get; have; hurt; lose; meet; sustain
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- pay for
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
de pizarra suffer

Palabras relacionadas con "suffer":

Sinónimos de "suffer":

Antónimos de "suffer":

Definiciones relacionadas de "suffer":

  1. feel pain or be in pain1
  2. undergo (as of injuries and illnesses)1
    • She suffered a fracture in the accident1
  3. feel unwell or uncomfortable1
    • She is suffering from the hot weather1
  4. get worse1
    • His grades suffered1
  5. be set at a disadvantage1
    • This author really suffers in translation1
  6. experience (emotional) pain1
    • Every time her husband gets drunk, she suffers1
  7. undergo or be subjected to1
    • He suffered the penalty1
    • Many saints suffered martyrdom1
  8. undergo or suffer1
    • suffer a terrible fate1
  9. feel physical pain1
  10. be given to1
    • She suffers from a tendency to talk too much1

Wiktionary: suffer

  1. to undergo hardship
  2. to feel pain
  3. to have a disease or condition
  4. To become worse

Cross Translation:
suffer sufrir; padecer erleiden — etwas körperlich oder seelisch Unangenehmes erleben; eine unangenehme Erfahrung machen
suffer padecer; sufrir leiden — starke psychische oder physische Schmerzen verspüren
suffer sufrir; padecer endurersouffrir, supporter avec fermeté, constance.
suffer sufrir souffrir — Sentir de la douleur

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