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Translation Matrix for aghast:

AdjectiveTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- appalled; dismayed; shocked
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
atónito aghast; appalled; dismayed; upset amazed; astonished; baffled; bewildered; blank; chaotic; confused; dazed; diffuse; disconcerted; disordered; distracted; dumb; dumbfounded; flabbergasted; flustered; inarticulate; overwhelmed; perplexed; speechless; staggered; stunned; stupefied; tongue-tied; upset
confuso aghast; appalled; dismayed; upset baffled; bashful; blurred; confused; crazy; crestfallen; daft; dazed; diffident; diffuse; dim; disordered; dumbfounded; faint; flabbergasted; foolish; funny; glum; hazy; idiotic; in a daze; inconvenient; indistinct; insane; mad; mentally confused; misty; nontransparent; not bright; not clear; obscure; odd; opaque; perplexed; ridiculous; shy; silly; stunned; stupid; taken aback; timid; turbid; unclear; undefinable; upset; vague; vaguely
conmocionado aghast; appalled; dismayed; upset
consternado aghast; appalled; dismayed; upset baffled; bewildered; dazed; dismayed; dumbfounded; flabbergasted; in a state; perplexed; shaken; shocked; stunned; upset
descompuesto aghast; appalled; dismayed; upset apart; broken; bust; defective; dissolved; divorced; fallen apart; on the blink; out of order; ruined; separated; to pieces; torn
desconcertado aghast; appalled; dismayed; upset amazed; astonished; baffled; bashful; bewildered; blank; bottled up; chaotic; confused; crazy; crestfallen; daft; dazed; diffident; diffuse; disappointed; disconcerted; disillusioned; dismayed; disordered; down in the mouth; dumb; dumbfounded; embarrassed; flabbergasted; flustered; foolish; funny; glum; idiotic; inarticulate; inhibited; insane; let down; mad; mixed up; muzzy; odd; pent up; perplexed; restrained; ridiculous; shocked; shy; silly; speechless; staggered; stunned; stupefied; stupid; timid; upset; weird
desquiciado aghast; appalled; dismayed; upset
horrorizado aghast; appalled; dismayed; upset

Sinónimos de "aghast":

Definiciones relacionadas de "aghast":

  1. struck with fear, dread, or consternation1

Wiktionary: aghast

  1. terrified

Cross Translation:
aghast pasmado; atónito stupéfait — Que la surprise rendre comme interdit et immobile.