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Traducciones detalladas de belong de inglés a español


to belong verbo (belongs, belonged, belonging)

  1. to belong
  2. to belong (belong together)

Conjugaciones de belong:

  1. belong
  2. belong
  3. belongs
  4. belong
  5. belong
  6. belong
simple past
  1. belonged
  2. belonged
  3. belonged
  4. belonged
  5. belonged
  6. belonged
present perfect
  1. have belonged
  2. have belonged
  3. has belonged
  4. have belonged
  5. have belonged
  6. have belonged
past continuous
  1. was belonging
  2. were belonging
  3. was belonging
  4. were belonging
  5. were belonging
  6. were belonging
  1. shall belong
  2. will belong
  3. will belong
  4. shall belong
  5. will belong
  6. will belong
continuous present
  1. am belonging
  2. are belonging
  3. is belonging
  4. are belonging
  5. are belonging
  6. are belonging
  1. be belonged
  2. be belonged
  3. be belonged
  4. be belonged
  5. be belonged
  6. be belonged
  1. belong!
  2. let's belong!
  3. belonged
  4. belonging
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for belong:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
formar parte de belong co-operate; join; join in; participate; take part
hacer juego belong; belong together
ir juntos belong; belong together
pertenecer belong belong to; come to; fall to
ser de belong allocate; allot; assign; belong to; bestow on; come to; confer; fall to; give; grant; hear; interpellate; interrogate; question; subsidise; subsidize
- belong to; go

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Sinónimos de "belong":

Definiciones relacionadas de "belong":

  1. be owned by; be in the possession of1
    • This book belongs to me1
  2. be a part or adjunct1
    • the uniform looks like it belonged to a museum collection1
    • These pages don't belong1
  3. be rightly classified in a class or category1
    • The whales belong among the mammals1
  4. be suitable or acceptable1
    • This student somehow doesn't belong1
  5. be in the right place or situation1
    • Where do these books belong?1
    • Let's put health care where it belongs--under the control of the government1
  6. be a member, adherent, inhabitant, etc. (of a group, organization, or place)1
    • They belong to the same political party1

Wiktionary: belong

  1. be part of a group
  2. be the property of
    • belonga
  3. be accepted in a group
  4. have its proper place

Cross Translation:
belong pertenecer a behoren — onderdeel uitmaken van wat gebruikelijk is of tot de fatsoensnormen gerekend wordt
belong pertenecer gehörenetwas/jemand gehört jemandem: Eigentum von einer Person sein
belong pertenecer a; ser de; pertenecer appartenirêtre la propriété légitime de quelqu’un, que celui à qui est la chose l’ait en sa possession ou non.

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