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  1. blow to pieces:


Traducciones detalladas de blow to pieces de inglés a español

blow to pieces:

to blow to pieces verbo (blows to pieces, blowing to pieces)

  1. to blow to pieces (explode; blow up)

Conjugaciones de blow to pieces:

  1. blow to pieces
  2. blow to pieces
  3. blows to pieces
  4. blow to pieces
  5. blow to pieces
  6. blow to pieces
present perfect
  1. have blown to pieces
  2. have blown to pieces
  3. has blown to pieces
  4. have blown to pieces
  5. have blown to pieces
  6. have blown to pieces
past continuous
  1. was blowing to pieces
  2. were blowing to pieces
  3. was blowing to pieces
  4. were blowing to pieces
  5. were blowing to pieces
  6. were blowing to pieces
  1. shall blow to pieces
  2. will blow to pieces
  3. will blow to pieces
  4. shall blow to pieces
  5. will blow to pieces
  6. will blow to pieces
continuous present
  1. am blowing to pieces
  2. are blowing to pieces
  3. is blowing to pieces
  4. are blowing to pieces
  5. are blowing to pieces
  6. are blowing to pieces
  1. be blown to pieces
  2. be blown to pieces
  3. be blown to pieces
  4. be blown to pieces
  5. be blown to pieces
  6. be blown to pieces
  1. blow to pieces!
  2. let's blow to pieces!
  3. blown to pieces
  4. blowing to pieces
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for blow to pieces:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
agrietarse blow to pieces; blow up; explode
cuartease blow to pieces; blow up; explode burst; crack; shatter
estallar blow to pieces; blow up; explode acquire; bang; blow to bits; boom; break; break loose; burn loose; burst; burst into pieces; burst open; burst out to; chuck down; come loose; crack; explode; fling down; flop; flop down; fly to pieces; get the hang of; intentionally destroy; jump down; jump over; leap down; leap off; learn; pick up; plop down; plump down; pop; shatter; snap; spring open; study
explosionar blow to pieces; blow up; explode burst; explode; snap
explotar blow to pieces; blow up; explode bring about; burst; crack; crush; cultivate; develop; effect; explode; exploit; make or let explode; realise; realize; reclaim; shatter; snap; squeeze; take advantage of; unfold
reventar blow to pieces; blow up; explode attack; blow to bits; burst into pieces; clamber; climb; crack into pieces; damage; die; erode; explode; fly to pieces; grabble; jump down; jump over; leap down; leap off; rummage; scramble; shatter; shin; spoil

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