Traducciones detalladas de disasters de inglés a español


disasters [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the disasters (misfortunes; blows; punches)
    el contratiempos; el golpes; la desgracias; la miseria; la adversidades; el desastres; la calamidades
  2. the disasters (catastrophes)
    la catástrofes; la calamidades
  3. the disasters (catastrophes)
    el desastres

Translation Matrix for disasters:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
adversidades blows; disasters; misfortunes; punches
calamidades blows; catastrophes; disasters; misfortunes; punches
catástrofes catastrophes; disasters
contratiempos blows; disasters; misfortunes; punches accident; adversity; bad luck; calamity; destitution; disaster; evil; misery; misfortune; misère; reverse; squalor; tribulation; trouble
desastres blows; catastrophes; disasters; misfortunes; punches
desgracias blows; disasters; misfortunes; punches accidents; horrors; miseries; misfortunes; terrors; torments; trials; woes
golpes blows; disasters; misfortunes; punches belts; clips; clouts; colliding; cracks; jolting; pounding; punches; thumping; wallops
miseria blows; disasters; misfortunes; punches adversity; annoyance; calamity; catastrophe; chagrin; chicanery; dearth; destitution; difficulty; disaster; discomforts; distress; fuss; grief; hardship; harping on; hassle; helplessness; lack; meagerness; meagreness; miserability; misery; misfortune; moaning; nagging; necessity; need; neediness; pain; parsimony; paucity; penury; poverty; problems; sadness; scantiness; slenderness; sorrow; squalor; trouble; trouble making; troubles; vexation; want