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drip [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the drip
    la infusión
  2. the drip (drop; dripping)
    la gota
    • gota [la ~] sustantivo
  3. the drip (schlemiel; dolt; wet)
    el pelón; el desgraciado; el pelagatos
  4. the drip (madcap; dud; jerk; )
    el majareta; el chalado
  5. the drip (dud; lemon)
    el chiflado; el fracasado; el lelo; el lerdo; el chalado; el memo; el adoquín; el calzonazos; el blandengue; el baldragas; el tío fracasado; el tipo fracasado

to drip verbo (drips, dripped, dripping)

  1. to drip (mess)
  2. to drip (ooze; trickle; drain; exude; dribble)
  3. to drip (trickle; pitter; drop)

Conjugaciones de drip:

  1. drip
  2. drip
  3. drips
  4. drip
  5. drip
  6. drip
simple past
  1. dripped
  2. dripped
  3. dripped
  4. dripped
  5. dripped
  6. dripped
present perfect
  1. have dripped
  2. have dripped
  3. has dripped
  4. have dripped
  5. have dripped
  6. have dripped
past continuous
  1. was dripping
  2. were dripping
  3. was dripping
  4. were dripping
  5. were dripping
  6. were dripping
  1. shall drip
  2. will drip
  3. will drip
  4. shall drip
  5. will drip
  6. will drip
continuous present
  1. am dripping
  2. are dripping
  3. is dripping
  4. are dripping
  5. are dripping
  6. are dripping
  1. be dripped
  2. be dripped
  3. be dripped
  4. be dripped
  5. be dripped
  6. be dripped
  1. drip!
  2. let's drip!
  3. dripped
  4. dripping
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for drip:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
adoquín drip; dud; lemon cobbles; cobblestone; paving-stone; rock; rock formation; stone; stones
baldragas drip; dud; lemon drips; duds; jerks; rotters
blandengue drip; dud; lemon chicken; coward; dogs and cats; freshman; greenhorn; hare's foot; novice; poltroon; rookie; softie; spineless chap; spineless fellow; weed; wimp
calzonazos drip; dud; lemon drips; duds; jerks; rotters; scaredy-cat; spineless chap; spineless chaps; spineless fellow
chalado character; drip; dud; figure; idiot; jerk; lemon; madcap; madman
chiflado drip; dud; lemon Simple Simon; birdbrain; buffoon; clown; coxcomb; dandy; fop; idiot; imbecile; jack pudding; jackanapes; loony; lunatic; madcap; madman; madwoman; maniac; mental patient; mentally disturbed person; mentally ill person; merry Andrew; nut; nutcase; prig; rattle-brain
correr racing; running
desgraciado dolt; drip; schlemiel; wet asshole; bastard; boor; bungler; child born out of wedlock; churl; clumsy fellow; creep; duffer; hulk; ill-mannered brute; illegitimate child; louse; lout; monstrosity; nasty piece of work; ogre; pain in the ass; pain in the neck; poor devil; poor sod; poor soul; poor thing; prole; rotter; scoundrel; slob; swine; ugly fellow; unfortunate; villain; wretch; wretched fellow
escurrir drain; drain dry
filtrar filtering; straining
fracasado drip; dud; lemon
gota drip; dripping; drop blob; clot; dab; dash; gout; hint; semblance; shot; slush; small trace; splash; squeeze; tending to; touch; trace
gotear drain; drain dry
infusión drip decoction; excerpt; extract
lelo drip; dud; lemon blockhead; idiot; nerd; nitwit; numbskull; oaf; simpleton
lerdo drip; dud; lemon
majareta character; drip; dud; figure; idiot; jerk; madcap; madman
manchar stains
memo drip; dud; lemon blockhead; idiot; little dreamer; nerd; nitwit; numbskull; oaf; simpleton
pelagatos dolt; drip; schlemiel; wet poor devils; suckers; unlucky persons
pelón dolt; drip; schlemiel; wet baldhead; baldpate; baldy; suckers; unlucky persons
tipo fracasado drip; dud; lemon
tío fracasado drip; dud; lemon
verter emptying; pouring; pouring out
- dribble; drip mold; drip mould; dripping; trickle
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
caer gota a gota drip; mess ooze; seep; trickle
chorrear drip; drop; mess; pitter; trickle gush; ooze; pour; run; seep; trickle
correr drip; drop; pitter; trickle be going to; chase; flee; flow; fly; go; haste; hasten; hurry; hustle; move; move on; pull to; push away; race; run; run a race; rush; shove away; speed; speed up; sprint; stream; walk
cundir drip; mess
divulgarse drip; drop; pitter; trickle become known; come out; emerge
escurrir drip; mess clasp; clutch; grasp; grip; pour off; seize; strain off; wrench; wrestle; wring out
filtrar drip; drop; pitter; trickle filter; filter out; filter through; leak through; ooze; percolate; seep; seep through; sieve; sift; trickle
filtrarse drain; dribble; drip; exude; ooze; trickle bore through; filter through; penetrate; persevere; persist; pierce; seep through
gota a gota drip; drop; pitter; trickle
gotear drip; drop; mess; pitter; trickle leak; leak away; leaking; leaks; ooze
manchar drip; mess blemish; blot; blur; daub; dim; dirty; foul; fuzzy; make blots; make dirty; plaster; pollute; slur; smear; soil; stain
resudar drain; dribble; drip; exude; ooze; trickle ooze away; seep away
rezumar drain; dribble; drip; exude; ooze; trickle chissel out; drone; ooze away; seep away; whimper; whine
salirse drip; drop; pitter; trickle boil over
verter drip; drop; pitter; trickle allow; clear; deposit; discharge; disgorge; donate; drain; dump out; effuse; empty; empty out; evacuate; expel; flow; give; placing; pour; pour down; pour in; remove; run; shed; stream
- dribble; drop
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
blandengue dotty
chalado bonkers; cracked; crackers; crazy; daft; foolish; funny; idiotic; insane; loony; mad; mixed up; muzzy; nuts; odd; potty; ridiculous; round the bend; silly; stark mad; stark raving mad; stark staring mad; stupid; weird
chiflado bonkered; bonkers; cracked; crackers; crazy; daft; dotty; foolish; funny; idiot; idiotic; insane; irrational; loony; mad; mixed up; muzzy; nuts; odd; potty; ridiculous; round the bend; senseless; silly; stark mad; stark raving mad; stark staring mad; stupid; unwise; weird
desgraciado appalling; crying shame; crying to heaven; disabled; disastrous; disgraceful; disgusting; dismal; fatal; frugal; handicapped; inadequate; insufficient; outrageous; pitiful; pityful; plaintive; rank; regretful; sad; scandalous; shocking; sorrowful; sorry; unfortunate; unsatisfactory; woeful; wretched
fracasado crazy
gota a gota bit by bit; drop by drop
lelo boring; deadening; dense; dull; dumb; empty-headed; foolish; mindless; naïve; not sensible; obtuse; senseless; simple; stupid
lerdo chubby; heavy; languid; lazy; listless; plump; slow; sluggish; squat; tardy
memo dumb; foolish; mindless; naïve; not sensible; senseless; sheepish; simple; stupid

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  1. (architecture) a projection from a cornice or sill designed to protect the area below from rainwater (as over a window or doorway)1
  2. the sound of a liquid falling drop by drop1
  3. flowing in drops; the formation and falling of drops of liquid1
    • there's a drip through the roof1
  4. let or cause to fall in drops1
  5. fall in drops1
    • Water is dripping from the faucet1

Wiktionary: drip

  1. an apparatus that slowly releases a liquid
  2. a boring or otherwise uninteresting person
  3. a drop of a liquid
  1. to leak slowly
  2. to put a small amount of a liquid on something, drop by drop
  3. to fall one drop at a time

Cross Translation:
drip salpicar kleckern — (transitiv) etwas beflecken

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