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dynamic adj.

  1. dynamic (active; lively; energetic)

Translation Matrix for dynamic:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
activo active; active voice; asset
móvil basic assumption; basic principle; basis; grounds; incentives; inducements; motivation; motives; point of departure; principle; starting point
vivo fastie; smart boy
- moral force
AdjectiveTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
activo active; dynamic; energetic; lively active; actively; agile; agitated; aroused; at work; busily; busily engaged; busy; effective; engaged; excited; fluttered; hard-working; heated; humming; industrious; industriously; laborious; occupied; operative; potent; tied up; working
enérgico active; dynamic; energetic; lively decisive; drastic; effective; energetic; energetically; fierce; forceful; full of life; heavy; intense; lively; morally strong; muscular; potent; powerful; robust; spirited; stout; strapping; strong; tough; uncontrolled; vehement; viable; vigorous; violent; vital
- active; dynamical
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
animado active; dynamic; energetic; lively active; actively; agile; agitated; animated; aroused; bucked up; busily; busily engaged; bustling; busy; cheered up; cheerful; comforted; energetic; engaged; excited; fluttered; full of joy; gay; glad; good natured; good-humored; good-humoured; good-tempered; happy; hard-working; heated; humming; in high spirits; industrious; industriously; jolly; lively; merry; occupied; operative; pleased; satisfied; spirited; tied up; up; vibrant; vigorous; working
dinámico active; dynamic; energetic; lively decisive; energetic; lively
móvil active; dynamic; energetic; lively loose; mobile; moveable; portable; transportable
vital active; dynamic; energetic; lively cardinal; central; chief; crucial; decisive; effective; elemental; energetic; essential; fierce; full of life; fundamental; heavy; indispensable; intense; lively; material; potent; principal; vehement; vigorous; violent; vital; wanted
vivo active; dynamic; energetic; lively agile; agitated; alive; aroused; astute; bright; busily engaged; busy; calculating; canny; cheerful; clever; colorful; colourful; contented; cunning; dodgy; embittered; engaged; exasperated; excited; false; fierce; florid; flowered; fluttered; fullfilled; gay; glad; good natured; good-humored; good-humoured; good-tempered; happy; heated; keen; living; low; mean; merry; nasty; occupied; perky; pleased; resourceful; satiated; satisfied; sharp; shrewd; slippery; sly; smart; spruce; tied up; underhand; unquenched; unslaked; vicious; vile; wily; wise
ágil active; dynamic; energetic; lively adroit; agile; brisk; clever; dexterous; expert; fast; fledged; flexible; handy; limber; lithe; neat; nimble; nimble-fingered; nimbly; quick; rapid; skilful; skillful; speedy; supple; swift

Sinónimos de "dynamic":

Antónimos de "dynamic":

  • undynamic; stative

Definiciones relacionadas de "dynamic":

  1. (used of verbs (e.g. `to run') and participial adjectives (e.g. `running' in `running water')) expressing action rather than a state of being1
  2. characterized by action or forcefulness or force of personality1
    • a dynamic market1
    • a dynamic speaker1
    • the dynamic president of the firm1
  3. of or relating to dynamics1
  4. an efficient incentive1
    • they hoped it would act as a spiritual dynamic on all churches1
  5. Occurring immediately and concurrently. The term is used in describing both hardware and software; in both cases it describes some action or event that occurs when and as needed. In dynamic memory management, a program is able to negotiate with the operating system when it needs more memory.2

Wiktionary: dynamic

  1. able to change
  2. powerful
  3. not steady; in motion

Cross Translation:
dynamic dinámico dynamischPhysik: die von Kraft erzeugte Bewegung betreffend