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  1. elbow out:


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elbow out:

elbow out verbo

  1. elbow out (push away; push aside)

Translation Matrix for elbow out:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
arrancar break off; cranking up; interrupting; severing; tearing loose; tearing off; wresting from
empujar poking; prodding
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
arrancar elbow out; push aside; push away be in need; be in want; begin; boot; break up; bring down; cadge; commence; dig up; drive; extort; get open; get undone; go short; herald; lift; mooch; obtain by begging; open; pinch and scrape; prompt; pull off; pull out; put to the sword; ring in; rip; rip off; set in motion; set up; shake off; snatch; snatch away; start; start to; start up; strike up; take down; take of the body; take off; take on; tear loose; tear off; tear out; turn out; undertake; undo; unpick; untie; urge; wrest from
empujar elbow out; push aside; push away boost; dent; dig; drive; encourage; give a push; goad; impress; irritate; jab; motivate; move on; nettle; persevere; persist; poke; press; press open; prod; propel; push; push along; push in; push on; push open; push up; stimulate; whip up
esconder elbow out; push aside; push away blur; camouflage; cloak; conceal; cover; disguise; envelop; gloss over; guard; hide; hide away; hush up; lock up; mantle; mask; preserve; protect; put away; save; shield; shroud; stash away; stuff away; suppress; swathe; tuck away; veil; wrap
reprimir elbow out; push aside; push away bring to his knees; control; keep back; keep under control; moderate; restrain; subdue; suppress
suplantar elbow out; push aside; push away undercut; undersell
suprimir elbow out; push aside; push away abolish; annul; break up; disband; discard; dissolve; nullify; rescind; scrap; shut down; undo

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