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Translation Matrix for exacting:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
latoso asshole; bore; chammy; chamois; chamois leather; handful; nasty piece of work; nuisance; pain in the neck; pest; rotter; scoundrel; shammy; troublemaker; wretch; wretched fellow
AdjectiveTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- exigent; fastidious; stern; strict
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
a disgusto awkward; bothersome; disagreeable; exacting; inconvenient dilatory; hesitating; hesitatingly; reluctantly; unwillingly; wavering; with a bad grace
delicado awkward; bothersome; disagreeable; exacting; inconvenient acutely; awkward; critical; dainty; delicate; easily hurt; elegant; fine; fragile; frail; frightened of pain; graceful; handsome; hard; highly-strung; lightly built; lovely; nice; oversensitive; painful; perilous; personable; petite; precarious; pretty; ragged; ramshackle; refined; review; rickety; sensitive; slender; slight; small-boned; smartly; snap; sophisticated; squeamish about pain; stylish; subtle; subtly; susceptible; tender; thin; touchy; weak; wobbly; wonky; worrisome
desabrido awkward; bothersome; disagreeable; exacting; inconvenient against the grain; awkward; bad tempered; bad-tempered; boring; cantankerous; catty; chilli; chilly; clammy; cold; cold and damp; complaining; crabbed; creepy; crusty; drab; dreary; dull; eerie; faint; gruff; grumbling; grumpy; headstrong; lamenting; lugubrious; moody; nagging; obstinate; peevish; pig-headed; querulous; recalcitrant; repulsive; rigid; scary; sinister; stiff; stubborn; sulky; sullen; surly; unappetising; unappetizing; unsavory; unsavoury; wailing
desagradable awkward; bothersome; disagreeable; exacting; inconvenient a pity; aggravating; annoying; awkward; bad; bashful; behind one's back; bold; bothersome; cheerless; chilli; chilly; clammy; cold; cold and damp; critical; cunning; diffident; disagreeable; dismal; embarrassed; false; falsely; foul; grave; ill at ease; impolite; inadequate; inconvenient; indecent; insufficient; jarring; low; mean; miserable; naseaus; nasty; offensive; pitiful; pityful; regretful; repulsive; ribald; rotten; scurvy; secretly; serious; sharp; shrewd; shy; slippery; sly; sourly; timid; too bad; troublesome; unappetising; unappetizing; uncivil; uncongenial; underhand; uneasy; unengaging; unfriendly; ungrateful; uninviting; unkind; unpleasant; unsatisfactory; unsavory; unsavoury; unthankful; untrue; unwelcome; vicious; vile; woeful; worrying; wretched
desapacible awkward; bothersome; disagreeable; exacting; inconvenient creepy; eerie; lugubrious; repulsive; scary; sinister; unappetising; unappetizing; unsavory; unsavoury
difícil exacting; strenuous aggravating; annoying; awkward; burdensome; critical; delicate; difficult; hard; heavy; ill-timed; incompetent; inconvenient; incriminating; massive; painful; perilous; perplexing; precarious; problematic; puzzling; review; stiff; stiff conversation; touchy; tough; tricky; trying; unfit; unsuitable; worrisome
exigente demanding; exacting; hard to please; strenuous compelling; critical; difficult; hard; imperative; problematic; trying
incómodo awkward; bothersome; disagreeable; exacting; inconvenient abstemious; aggravating; ailing; annoying; awkward; bothersome; cheerless; clumsy; disagreeable; doltish; embarrassed; embarrassing; gawky; hindrance-causing; ill at ease; ill-at-ease; inconvenient; maladroit; not very good; owlish; painful; poor; stiff; troublesome; uncomfortable; uneasy; unhandy; uninviting; unpleasant; unwelcome; wooden
inoportuno awkward; bothersome; disagreeable; exacting; inconvenient at ungodly hours; misplaced; out of place
irascible awkward; bothersome; disagreeable; exacting; inconvenient abrupt; angry; fiery; hot-blooded; hot-headed; hot-tempered; inflamed; irritable; kindled; quick tempered; quick-tempered; sensitive; snappy; snarling; sore; touchy
latoso awkward; bothersome; disagreeable; exacting; inconvenient
molesto awkward; bothersome; disagreeable; exacting; inconvenient aggravating; annoying; awkward; bothersome; disagreeable; embarrassing; exasperating; hindrance-causing; impolite; inconvenient; irritating; painful; tiresome; troublesome; uncivil; unfriendly; unkind; unpleasant; unwelcome

Palabras relacionadas con "exacting":

  • exactingly

Sinónimos de "exacting":

Antónimos de "exacting":

  • unfastidious

Definiciones relacionadas de "exacting":

  1. requiring precise accuracy1
    • an exacting job1
  2. severe and unremitting in making demands1
    • an exacting instructor1
  3. having complicated nutritional requirements; especially growing only in special artificial cultures1
    • certain highly specialized xerophytes are extremely exacting in their requirements1

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Cross Translation:
exacting laborioso laborieux — Qui travaille beaucoup, qui aime le travail.