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Traducciones detalladas de fragile de inglés a español


Translation Matrix for fragile:

AdjectiveTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- delicate; flimsy; frail; slight; tenuous; thin
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
crujiente delicate; fragile; frail; tender; vulnerable brittle; crisp
delicado delicate; fragile; frail; tender; weak acutely; awkward; bothersome; critical; dainty; delicate; disagreeable; easily hurt; elegant; exacting; fine; frightened of pain; graceful; handsome; hard; highly-strung; inconvenient; lightly built; lovely; nice; oversensitive; painful; perilous; personable; petite; precarious; pretty; ragged; ramshackle; refined; review; rickety; sensitive; slender; slight; small-boned; smartly; snap; sophisticated; squeamish about pain; stylish; subtle; subtly; susceptible; tender; thin; touchy; wobbly; wonky; worrisome
débil delicate; fragile; frail; tender; vulnerable; weak abstemious; awkward; bad; bland; clumsy; dim; doltish; faded; faint; feeble; frail; fumbling; gawky; helpless; impotent; in need of help; indigent; lurid; needy; not very good; owlish; pale; pennyless; poor; ragged; ramshackle; requiring help; rickety; sallow; slackly; stiff; unable; uneasy; unhandy; washed out; weak; wobbly; wonky; wooden
flojo delicate; fragile; frail; tender; vulnerable abstemious; awful; bad; bland; clumsy; dawdling; dim; distressful; dizy; doltish; dragging; drained; drooping; dully; faded; faint; feeble; flat; frail; gawky; inactive; indolent; inert; languid; lazy; lifeless; limp; lingering; listless; lurid; meager; meagre; miserable; no energy; not solid; not substantial; not very good; owlish; pale; passive; pathetic; pitiful; poor; puny; ragged; ramshackle; rickety; rotten; sallow; shuffling; sick; skinny; slackly; slow; slow of understanding; sluggish; stiff; succulent; tardy; tender; thin; uneasy; unhandy; wan; washed out; washed-out; weak; wobbly; wonky; wooden; wretched
frágil delicate; fragile; frail; tender; vulnerable brittle; crisp; crumbly; delicate; faint; feeble; frail; lightly built; meager; meagre; pale; petite; puny; ragged; ramshackle; rickety; sick; skinny; slender; slight; small-boned; thin; wan; weak; wobbly; wonky
fácilmente desmenuzable delicate; fragile; frail; tender; vulnerable brittle; crisp
quebradizo delicate; fragile; frail; tender; vulnerable brittle; crisp; crumbly; ragged; ramshackle; rickety; wobbly; wonky
ruinoso delicate; fragile; frail; tender; vulnerable depraved; noxious; pestiferous; ragged; ramshackle; reprobated; rickety; ruinous; wicked; wobbly; wonky
sensible delicate; fragile; frail; tender; vulnerable capital; considerable; delicate; easily hurt; huffy; hypersensitive; over-sensitive; oversensitive; ragged; ramshackle; respectable; rickety; sensitive; significant; substantial; subtle; susceptible; tender; tender hearted; thin-skinned; touchy; wobbly; wonky
vulnerable delicate; fragile; frail; tender; vulnerable

Palabras relacionadas con "fragile":

  • fragiler, fragilest

Sinónimos de "fragile":

Definiciones relacionadas de "fragile":

  1. vulnerably delicate1
    • she has the fragile beauty of youth1
  2. easily broken or damaged or destroyed1
    • fragile porcelain plates1
    • fragile old bones1
  3. lacking substance or significance1

Wiktionary: fragile

  1. easily broken or destroyed

Cross Translation:
fragile frágil teer — broos, breekbaar
fragile quebradizo; frágil broos — niet stevig
fragile frágil fragil — zerbrechlich, brüchig, gebrechlich, zart, schwach, anfällig (auch im übertragenen Sinn)
fragile frágil fragile — Qui se rompt facilement