Traducciones detalladas de jump into de inglés a español

jump into:

to jump into verbo (jumps into, jumped into, jumping into)

  1. to jump into (leap into; dive into)
  2. to jump into (leap into; dive into)

Conjugaciones de jump into:

  1. jump into
  2. jump into
  3. jumps into
  4. jump into
  5. jump into
  6. jump into
simple past
  1. jumped into
  2. jumped into
  3. jumped into
  4. jumped into
  5. jumped into
  6. jumped into
present perfect
  1. have jumped into
  2. have jumped into
  3. has jumped into
  4. have jumped into
  5. have jumped into
  6. have jumped into
past continuous
  1. was jumping into
  2. were jumping into
  3. was jumping into
  4. were jumping into
  5. were jumping into
  6. were jumping into
  1. shall jump into
  2. will jump into
  3. will jump into
  4. shall jump into
  5. will jump into
  6. will jump into
continuous present
  1. am jumping into
  2. are jumping into
  3. is jumping into
  4. are jumping into
  5. are jumping into
  6. are jumping into
  1. be jumped into
  2. be jumped into
  3. be jumped into
  4. be jumped into
  5. be jumped into
  6. be jumped into
  1. jump into!
  2. let's jump into!
  3. jumped into
  4. jumping into
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for jump into:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
asaltar dive into; jump into; leap into assault; assault someone; attack; besiege; charge at; dart at; dash at; dash towards; force; hold up; lay violent hands upon; plunder; raid; rob; rush up to; snatch; storm; suprise; surprise; take off guard; use force; violate
presentarse de sorpresa dive into; jump into; leap into
saltar dentro dive into; jump into; leap into
venir en ayuda dive into; jump into; leap into

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